Today was pretty rotten.  I’m not feeling great to begin with – just a cold, I think, but my eczma is flaring up and other physical signs of stress are banging me on the head, so maybe not?  I was telling my workmate today that I don’t understand it because I don’t feel stressed… well, no more stressed than usual…  She said pointed out that maybe it was not a good sign that that had become normal to be stressed.

Anyway, I was low level ick, depsite putting myself to bed super early last night.  And then I had to format a bunch of powerpoints for our suicide prevention program.  This is not unusual, the woman who runs the program had to be taught to double click when she first started working for us (true story) so her stuff needs a lot of attention.  And while I would appreciate her being a bit more sensitive, by the same token, it’s my job.  And I don’t want to not do my job.

But I was surprised by how upset I was.  I guess I was feeling fragile to begin with, and that just tipped me over the edge, to the point where I was very glad I am tucked into a corner because a couple times I just gave up and cried at my desk.  (If you’re knew and have no idea what I’m talking about, the trauma starts here.)

Set to rights

It was fine, but stressful, and tiring.  I had that after-crying feeling where you feel all puffy and vague and slow.  So I went home, had a beer, and did some embroidery.  Just like last night, come to think of it.

I’m stitching a pattern by the lovely Andrea Zuill.  I love her stuff and her blog.  I kind of love the way this looks just in texta on the fabric.  I’m a complete pleb, I have washable crayola textas that I trace with.  I’ve not had a problem with them yet.  I’ve been thinking about the bunny queen for a while, ever since I did the deer for my boss for christmas.  I always meant to do some more for myself, to keep, and never did.  Then I was looking for potential patterns for the tea towel swap, and I went ‘oh, yeah!’.  The deer is in a couple of flickr groups and every now and then someone will fave it and I’ll look at it again and think ‘I can’t believe I did that!  It looks so… pretty!  And awesome!’

Although I really wish I’d ironed the damn thing before I photographed it.  I was in a rush, ok?

I did the deer in all backstitch, with a teeny bit of satin stitch and some french knots, cos that was all I knew how to do.  Oh, I lie, I did some stem stitch but it turns out I was doing it upside down, so it looked pretty terrible.  I’ve been looking at tutes on the intarwubs, and I spent a lot of today on stitch a day and trawling flickr groups.  Good lord!  There is so much awesome out there.


Starting this meant cleaning up my threads which, as you can SORT of see from the top pics, were in a shambles.  Enough that I couldn’t really find what I wanted.  Tidying it up felt good.  It was wonderful to have it all laid out in order, all that colour and potential just waiting…


Cross stitch was probably my first proper craft, certainly the one I’ve done for the longest – both since I started and in terms of hours spent.  Looking for my stuff I came accross bundles of finished and half finished stitching.  I really should do something with them.  Over the years I’ve ammased a fair few colours.  When I was a kid I used to have this fantasy that I would live in the house down the road with all the horse paddocks (someone else would feed the horses) and I would have a whole room with just craft stuff, and a whole rack of threads, like you see in spotlight, only all for me!  And thus, the stasher was born.

Bunny Queen in Progress

I’m further along than this now, and I’m pretty excited by how it’s turning out, and by how much fun I’m having.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go choose the next colour before the light goes.


4 thoughts on “Stiching

  1. Love those pictures of the thread, so pretty!

    Also the upside down rabbit head looks like an octopus or similar strange sea life form at first glance.

  2. sorry to hear your not feeling tip-top…these things come in waves, don’t they? stress is a sneaky thing, and given that you live under a pretty reasonable amount daily, it’s not unusual to not “feel” it.

    I do think your deer embroidery is especially lovely, and am looking forward to the progress on the bunny queen 😉

    and i’m mighty impressed with you thread organisation – such gorgeous colours! I’d spend all day re-arranging them into more and more pleasing combinations!!

  3. Oh i am so sorry to read this. Sounds like you’re about to enter a really tough month – I’ll be thinking of you. I too hope soothing colour sorting, and happy crafty making gets you through some dark times. Glad to hear you have supportive workmates and all the best for sharing your load with your family.
    Might I say your embroidery is amazing?! I’ve been wanting to learn for ever so long. I drooled all over my keyboard at your thread collection alone. I’d be happy to exchange lunch at a cafe of your choice for an hour or two of lessons, if you’re interested? 🙂 I want to learn the different stitches but no matter how many online tutorials or books i read, i can’t make it happen.

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