First day back

I forgot about having to be super nice and make boring conversation with people I don’t like.  Sigh.

What did I do on my holidays?  Not much.  It was excellent.  I napped almost every day.  I got sunburnt twice and drunk much more than that.  I read and read and read – nothing erudite, but it was nice to realise that my brain has not completely atrophied… I knit and I finished up some things that had been hanging around, as well as a couple of mending and sewing project.  You know, those things that only take ten minutes, but it’s ten minutes you never seem to have.

I didn’t do any of the things I thought I might, which included redoing my pattern blocks and maybe sewing something, sanding and priming that dratted wardrobe (remember that?  It was too cold to paint it.  Now it’s too hot…).  And maybe doing some organising and cleaning.  Well, I did manage some of that, I even packed some books into boxes – but not a significant amount.

Did I mention that I had a nap almost every day?  Lovely.

Here is one of the things I made

Sneaky panda


2 thoughts on “First day back

  1. Very cute hat.

    So many people I know have been catching up on sleep these holidays. Me included. Think we all might have been running a bit hard towards the end of last year…

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