How do you stay warm in the cold shadow of death?

Bear hats, that’s how!

I read these comics ages ago, and just recently, they’ve been echoing around the inside of my skull.

Paging Doctor Godot


Table Service


I feel like I’ve slipped accross the line between collecting and creating.  I mean, I’ve always created.  I don’t remember a time when I didn’t.  Crafting was something my family did – whether it was sewing, gardening, woodwork… and I feel like I transitioned from creative play into crafting.  I remember making palm trees from toilet rolls like they did on playschool.  The masking tape is still on our living room rug.  And I remember, about the same time, knitting and sewing, dabbling in cooking and baking (with appropriate supervision, of course).

But it’s been something I do, not something I AM.  Even when I realised I was a Knitter with a capital, not just someone who knits.  And then I was a Crafter.  But I feel a bit more like a someone who creates these days – getting closer, anyway.  Thinking of a thing and then causing that thing to exist in the world.

Here are some things I had invented lately.

Quilt Cover

Ruffles galore

I saw some bedding somewhere and coveted it.  When I move, I’m planning to paint the bedroom peacock blue, and I don’t want to repaint my bed.  So in order to cut down on the colour chaos, I figured all white bedding was the go.  With my overlocker, this was a breeze.  I LOVE my overlocker.  This project wasn’t hard, but it was large, and it took a surprising amount of thinking and planning.  It pleases me to no end.

Ruffled quilt cover

Panda Hat

You saw the first version earlier.  That one went to a work friend who was leaving.  This one went to Sara.  A third is on the way and will go in my etsy store, once I finish it and figure out how much it should cost.  I’ve just made a blue one (sans eyes) to be part of a Grumpy Bear costume for myself for a TV themed party tomorrow.  I’m trying to decide between sewing the tummy piece and just drawing it – drawing is winning at this stage!

When I was little – maybe about 8 – we went to spend the holidays with my cousins.  They are a family of four… no, I must have been younger, because I was an only child.  Maybe 5 or 6.  The weeks before we went to visit, I made up a whole play involving care bears, and I carefully made facsimiles of the tummy pictures they have.  We often put on performances, and made the adults endure them, and I planned ot unveil my master plan and have us put on my play. 

I was too shy to bring it up and the paper tummies stayed in my bag all holiday.

Top Hat

My sister works in a bar, and for NYE they were required to wear hats.  I suggested that I make her one.  She LOVED this idea and said ‘it could be a top hat!  You could KNIT it!’  Since I was thinking about just rigging some fabric over a plastic canvas frame, this took me a bit aback, but I said ‘sure’ and set to knitting.  A few hours later I had a floppy top hat sitting on the table.  My sister couldn’t believe that I’d just done that, in the time since she mentioned it.

I whacked it in the washing machine to felt, and blocked it over a jar.  I left that bit a bit late, and it was still a bit damp and floppy.  I ended up reinforcing it with plastic canvas anyway.  Sewed it to a headband and whacked a ribbon around it, and we were set!  I’d not felted anything before, and I didn’t quite compensate enough for the difference between vertical and horizontal shrinkage – to me it looks more like a bowler than a top hat.  But still, a good effort.  I’m thinking about selling these in the store, too, if I can find some more headbands, and get off my bum to make them!

Isn’t she pretty!

Farewell present for our boss.  More explanation here.

None of these projects were anything I’d consider complicated or hard.  They all involved only skills I already had, and took minimal time and effort.  But they were things I thought of, and made real.  And there’s something magical about that.

Crossing Guard



2 thoughts on “How do you stay warm in the cold shadow of death?

  1. You are magical! Amazing, wonderous and magical! oh you have cheered me up so much, AGAIN, these comics are gold. yesterday i was on a productive high (no doubt induced by my panda hat of wonderfulness) and I sat at my desk and actually did work, applied for jobs etc all day long. at the end I felt so good about myself.
    today I got a call back to say I haven’t been accepted for a previous job I had 2 interviews for plus I wrote them example copy, but they will take me on as a freelancer. not the answer that i wanted, but i will work with it…
    anyway, i’m going to set up a photo shoot with my beloved hat. I might steal those comics for the post too, if that’s okay?
    p.s glad to hear you are enjoying your overlocker and you should def paint your room peacock blue, what a fantastic idea!

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