This and that

  • My real estate agent (oooh, don’t I sound grown up!) dropped the keys off at about 1 this afternoon.  I am officially a home owner.  Well, house owner, anyway.  There’s a bunch to be done to make it a home – I had a little freak out about organising it all last night, but then I calmed down.  At this point I think it’s appropriate to also thank Bek and Sooz for talking me down when I freaked out about the building inspection report, for no particular reason  Sooz actually called me from way up north and gave me a healthy dose of perspective on what a house actually IS which I think will stand me in good stead.


  • One of my colleagues drives a taxi as well as working for us.  He started posting notes about his experiences to facebook, and he’s just graduated to a blog.   Here it is.  He’s bravely facing down the technology, which is not his friend, and hashing out his writing style.  Some of the initial posts are a bit full on, but definitely worth the read.  I think I am perfectly safe in saying that he is a Top Bloke™.  Check him out.


  • Library Girl sent me a book.  I got it today, and I’d completely forgotten it was on its way.  What a lovely surprise!  Wrapped with a ricrac ribbon (the BEST kind) and a postcard from picadilly to use as a bookmark.  I started it at lunch and smeared beetroot all over the first page, which is a bit fitting considering the gruesome subject matter – and I didn’t get any on my white shirt!  That may be a first.


  • Sara memed me!  And I’ll get around to it.  Eventually.  Is it bad that I can’t think of ten things?

5 thoughts on “This and that

  1. took me ages to think of 10 too. a month?! no pressure! also, my panda hat post is in the making – and also – i want to send you a thank you letter, is it safe to send to the return address or since you have your keys – CONGRATULATIONS BY THE WAY!!!! – should I send it to your new address?!
    also, i’m 100% percent certain you’ll make it a home in no time. home is where the heart is, and your heart is huge, so the rest will take care of itself!

  2. Holy crap that phone call seems like it was yesterday and you have keys already?! I hope you really enjoy the free fall of home ownership – there’s so much to learn and enjoy when you can keep it all in perspective! Have fun 🙂

  3. Congrats on the house Kate. Yes very grown up, yes very exciting and yes lots to freak out about! It’s a big thing to do but give it a couple of months, you’ll have some of the stuff done and it will be your home in no time.

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