Not cool (literally)

Map from wunderground.

It’s cooler in the sahara.

Ok, so, it’s cooler in the sahara at 3am than it is in Adelaide at 2pm.


I am going to miss my evaporative air conditioning when we move.


3 thoughts on “Not cool (literally)

  1. When Melbourne gets a heatwave, my friend Nell and I always send evil thoughts to Adelaide along the lines of why don’t you keep your horrid hot weather to yourself instead of sending it here?. It’s not very mature of us, but the heat will do that to you.

  2. ooh, I’ve missed a bit of news!! my bloglines got stuffed up and all of a sudden I find many posts to catch up on!

    congrats on the house-purchase, I’m sure you’ll have it ship-shape and home-like very soon.

    and at least the bogan neighbours left, hopefully better ones now move in for you 🙂

    enjoy it all!!

  3. What I’d give to be back in Australia right now…we’re all wishing summer thoughts up and over here! (Oklahoma, USA) Also, we’ll be having new neighbors soon, too…that’s always anticipatingly exciting no matter what the weather or season! 🙂

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