Busy, busy, busy

On Tuesday I booted up the internet on my home computer and a bunch of tabs popped up.  I often do that, so I can continue reading a new blog I’ve found, or to remind me to do something.  I peered at them and realised… I hadn’t been on the internet for ALMOST A WEEK.

This never happens.

Except, I guess, if you are trying to pack and also renovate, and also it’s Fringe season – why does that always sneak up on me?  And people keeping having life events like birthdays and farewells and other inconvenient things that I am obliged to attend.  OH WOE IS ME I HAVE A LIFE FULL OF THINGS I LIKE TO DO.

So there’s some catching up to do.

My sister got a flat tire (on her car.  Hahaha, see what I did there?  Shut up I am very tired).  We think it was one of these bastards:

She has been taking her revenge.



There are still heaps in there, but all the big ones are gone, and it’s actually possible to walk across the garden and only have to pick three or four out of your shoes after.  HUGE progress.  I anticipate future battles, of course, but we’ve at least got it in retreat for now.

This is what my sister and I think of YOU, three cornered jacks!  Or, maybe what she thinks of me taking photos of her in her cleaning clothes.  It’s anyone’s guess which one…

Also, do you see the walls behind her?  How they’re blue but look almost white?  And also is kind of splotchy and weird (although I guess you can’t really see that in the photo but trust me, it IS)?  Hold that thought.

The neighbour’s yard has been cleaned up.  I wonder if someone will be moving in any time soon?

This is what it looked like before, from the bit of our fence that wasn’t overgrown with trees and vines.  Piles of old wardrobes and bedframes out of frame to the right.  Very nice backyard over the other fence, complete with gazebo, jasmine, and wind chimes.


Wait, first, we CLEANED.

Ok, so I cleaned. 

Ew ew ew.  This is the kitchen.  I went back last night and gave it another scrub and it did essentially the same thing.  So.  Gross.  And the colour is so DEPRESSING – now that it’s clean it’s not too bad during the day (when it sort of looks like the above photo with flash – a yellowy beige), but under artificial light it looks like someone coloured it in with a yellow highlighter.  It’s a dark space being right in the middle of the house, so I can see why they painted it a light colours, but I have three answers to that. 

The window to the laundry area.  It’s pretty gross and dirty.

Yes, that really truly is an accurate representation of the yellow on the walls.  The towel rails on the back of the door are plastic, and wobble when you touch them.  The hot and cold taps are backwards.  The trim is all cream, and the cabinets are baby poo brown.  Notice the pink toilet, though.  I secretly love it.

One is, once I take the ugly air con out of the loungeroom window (and clean the windows both in the lounge and the kitchen) and cut down the frangipani in the front yard which is planted waaaay too close to the house, a lot more light will be able to struggle through.  And by ‘me’ doing these things, I probably mean ‘someone manly’.

The air con in the lounge room.  With fans in every room, and a second hand portable air con, I don’t need it.  I don’t even know if it works, but I’m positive that it’s not worth the electricity and year-round loss of light in the whole house, even if it does.  So it goes.

Second reason that the kitchen doesn’t need to look like an aneamic canary is LIGHTS.  I am going to try for multiple sources of light in every room, it makes any space immediately nicer to be in, and FAR less gloomy and cave like at night.  Fairy lights, lamps, lighting under the cabinets so I can see what I’m doing and don’t lose a finger – whatever I can get in there.  And this article from Colour Me Happy is the third.  I just hope the yellow isn’t too bright.  The previous painters probably thought they were getting a nice soothing butter – I know, because one of the colours I swatched was lovely on the chip but almost IDENTICAL to the current wall colour on a bigger sample.  And yes, I know swatching is not the actual word.  Shoosh.

While I cleaned the revolting revolting kitchen, with grease and I don’t want to know what else (no, really.  I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW.  DO NOT SPEAK OF IT.) soaked into the walls, my sister sorted the bins out.

All the ex-neighbour’s rubbish has now been taken away.  Even these.

That’s about 30% of the alcohol bottles that were there.

She also did this:

Can you just see her legs poking out the bottom?  She found these in there:

I don’t know if you can really see, but they’re pruning shears.  Stuck into the tree.  Overgrown.  Someone clearly gave up….

Phew.  Now I don’t feel so bad for being buggered.  I think I’ll leave the painting for another post.


2 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy

  1. What did you say about a tea towel? Um. You have until this time next year. Can’t believe, by the way, that one of my swap partners does have a yellow kitchen. After I’d gone and ditched the yellow concept!

    PS. Hang in there – and find someone manly for those vilest jobs.

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