The colour is added

Two weeks ago we painted the living room and my bedroom.  For reference, here is the living room, pre painting.

I probably shouldn’t find this photo so humourous, huh?

And here is the new colour.

Ok, ok.  I know what you’re thinking.  It’s essentially the same colour.  You have some small point, it is very similar (the noisy photo doesn’t help), but it’s quite a lot darker.  When we were painting the first coat, it was EXACTLY the same colour.  But it dried much deeper and darker – it’s particularly noticeable at night.  It’s still clean, without being watery like the old colour was, and it’s EVENLY APPLIED and not faded, which makes so much difference.  The colour is ‘Whimsy’ in Dulux.  You can see the contrast on the ‘skirting board’.  Here it is closer:

SO MUCH NICER.  Hmmm, the more I look at the floors, the more I realise how much they need refinishing.  Not enough to need immediate attention though, it’ll have to wait… the one in my sister’s room has been drawn on with green pencil. 

And here is my bedroom being painted.

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS.  When I painted this first bit of blue (‘Lake Placid’, if we’re being exact) over that hideous pink, I almost had a CONNIPTION I was so excited.  (How does one have a conniption, btw?)

Here is Emma’s charming husband helping out – he was there ALL DAY and was completely invaluable.  Despite getting a bit enthusiastic around the ceiling trim with the blue… He also scrubbed the mould off of my bathroom ceiling the next weekend.  I owe him many, many beers.

Lord, all that pink is making me feel a bit dizzy.  And not in a fun way.

There would have been more people there, except that I organised it on Valentine’s Day.  What can I say?  It’s just not on the radar!  Other helpers included my cousin Madelaine:

And my sister Maeve, aka the camera whore:


Here is a shot of it creeping up the walls, taken from the kitchen.

I was just reading the back issues of Maria Killam’ of colour me happy’s newsletter.  In one she’s talking about myths about colour.  Apparently there’s one that painting a baby’s room yellow will make it cry.  I’d never heard it, before, have you?  Maria’s response? ‘If you paint ANYONE’S room a neon, primary yellow? We will all cry in that room!”.

Amen!  This shot makes me realise how insipid and, at the same time, invasive the old colours were.  I am SUPER excited to see how it looks in a nice, darker yellow (please, please don’t let it be too bright…).

We are painting at least the kitchen (and maybe the hall, but it sort of depends on if the bathroom is done by then, since it will be the same colour – ‘Skyway’ 1/4 strength – as the hall.  It’s being tiled as we speak, I believe.) on the weekend, and hopefully the trim in most of the rooms.  Do you know how hard it is to choose a white?  Very hard, that’s how.

Anyway, here is the painted bedroom.  We had juust enough paint in our 4 litre can to finish the room – I will need to do touch ups where the pink shines through, and there will probably be a tiny amount left in the can and the sample pot.  I hope it’s enough!

Aaaah.  It makes me so happy just looking at it!  Except not the trim.  It’s actually making me a bit ill, seeing that pink in there.  I realise there are people who would hate this as much as I hate the pink, and shudder to think of sleeping in that room.  Thankfully, they don’t have to.  It is, as my sister says, like being underwater.  I love it to pieces.


5 thoughts on “The colour is added

  1. How could you get rid of the pepto pink? *sob* I love the blues, I still have no idea what colours to choose for our house. Guess I’ll have to wait until we move in so I can see the light. However….speaking of neon yellow making you cry this is going to be Dave’s computer room:
    Three of the walls are that yellow colour. Guess whih room is being painted first? Some people really should ask for opinions before they paint!

  2. You’re welcome to borrow the husband any time you need paint painting or cement broken up. I am SO thrilled to see photos of the rooms coming alive. I did see you not mention that the blinds in the bedroom match the paint perfectly :). Can’t wait to see the window treatments and how the Peplum (that’s what you’ve gone for, right?) looks on the trim!

  3. I’m glad you’re hiding that pink! Because blah. I lived a long time in a room that was periwinkle blue and it was so calming. Loved it. So I think your underwater bedroom will be gorgeous.

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