I can sleep on the 7th

That being the day after we move.  Until then, not only do I have very little time to do things I like to do, I also appear unable to go to sleep in under three hours.  Instead I lie there, desperately organising things in my head, and stressing out about the fact that I am unable to sleep.

Oooh, oooh, wanna see something gross?

That, my friends, is what was underneath the old stove.  It is mouse poo embedded in old, congealed grease.  It smelt.  It took me a whole escape pod episode and half of  a Cast On episode to make it look like this:

Can I just mention that I am glad I bought a new stove?

Did I even mention that I did buy a new stove?  Here is a fuzzy picture of it still in its wrapping, sitting next to the new fridge, also still in its wrapping.

I went shopping with my mother and her new boyfriend and he convinced me to ask for money off.  Oh, didn’t I mention that my mother has a new boyfried?  I realise this should be a big deal, but since a) I didn’t exactly approve of the state of my paren’t relationships (personally I think divorce would have been a better option than suicide, but whatever) so it’s not like I feel betrayed on that front b) it makes her far less crazy and also more of someone else’s problem, and c) he’s a nice bloke (apart from his terrible taste in women) omg this is a long sentence.  Anyway, what I am saying is, I’m remarkably unfussed.  My sister is a bit freaked out and doesn’t like the idea of meeting or doing things with him, but since I dislike doing things with my mother anyhow, I don’t care.  His wife is still alive – in a nursing home with alzheimers and doesn’t remember him – and his grown up children apparently are not OK with the new situation.  Fair enough, too.  Hmm, I guess we count as grown up children.  His are ten years older.

ANYWAY.  The stove is an Emelia – it was the last one in stock and there’s a new model so I got it for just over a grand when it should have been 2.  Except that it’s got an electric oven, which is proving to be a bit of a pain, but it will sort itself out.  Well, I’ll sort it out, anyway.  The fridge is an upside down Westinghouse.  I secretly lust after a side by side fridge, but they are ridiculously large – I could do with one where the fridge was the ize of the feezer, but they’re all massive.  But the one I got will work excellently.  And did I mention it is BRAND NEW?  I am so excited to banish my old fridge.  When I got home from shopping for the new one it was groaning away and I just looked it and thought ‘your time is UP buddy!’

I am also excited about the movers.  MOVERS.  People will come to my house and do all the LIFTING and the packing and the wrangling of things.  They won’t say ‘do you really need all this wool?’ or ‘how much baking stuff do you have!’  Well, they might.  But whatever.  I won’t hear it because I won’t be on the other end of my massive desk, trying to lift it.

Anyway, I was going to misuse work time to write more (I was in early, ok?), but someone has just linked me to a fabulous job.  So I am going to misuse work time to apply for that instead.  Let me just say in closing: my friends are awesome, and so is my new yellow kitchen..


9 thoughts on “I can sleep on the 7th

  1. Oh yuk when I saw the picture of under the oven I didn’t even think about the smell. Now I am thinking of how bad that amount of ick could smell. Remember to buy some mouse traps so that situation never repeats! (Get those big ones that look like a clip so you don’t have to touch a dead mouse),
    And you got a good oven deal! We’ll be happy with free delivery when we buy.
    The house is looking nice! Good luck with the moving. This weekend!!!! Go you!!

  2. YAY! So many things to like about this update – I like yucky stinky goo all cleaned up, job well done; I like your hilarious, honest and down to earth reaction to your mother’s love life; that lovely sunny yellow paint; an exciting job opportunity and I might stop there as I seem to be summerising your post. Preaching to the converted, as it were!
    Well I hear you on the sleep front, I do the exact same thing when I am stressed and busy, so unfortunately I have no words of wisdom how to stop it! Just know I’m but a phone call away if you need to have a grumbly overtired whinge. My new job deals with that everyday! (Not calling you a baby though!)
    Should be a letter in the mail for you, hopefully today, maybe tomorrow…

  3. Have I mentioned how happy I am for you? That house is most excellent, especially with new white goods. I remember how excited I was when I bought myself a fridge. Of course, I bought a tiny single lady in a flat fridge and a year later I was pregnant and living with the Bloke, so I reckon it pays to plan ahead on the white goods front. But then, if I’d bought a huge fridge I would probably still be living alone in the flat. Coz of karma or tempting fate or something.

  4. Your house is looking so excellent and it’s great that your doing so much now, because once you move in and settle – well things may never move at such a cracking pace again. They haven’t for us anyway.

    Love a new whitegood! Upside down fridges are great and I’m sure an electric oven will be fine.

  5. Mouse poo! New appliances! It’s all happening! Electric ovens are better than gas, but gas cooktops are better than electric. Swings, roundabouts.

  6. Oooh, I LOVE that yellow kitchen. And the new appliances sound fabulous. We got an upside down Westinghouse last year and it has been brilliant, it makes so much more sense to have the freezer at the bottom.

    I hope the move went well, and that the movers did an excellent job.


  7. Hey lovely – glad to hear my little ray of sunshine caught you on a gloomy day! xx Hope you’re hanging in there and are even sleeping sometimes?! xx

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