Been a while

I had to reenter my WordPress password, that’s how long it’s been.  And remember it, too!   It was a struggle.

It’s been crazy, folks.  Also, we only got internet on at home yesterday.  And while I am, in fact, blogging at work, it seems like there was some sort of mental block about blogging when I didn’t have the net at home.  And somehow it didn’t feel quite like we’d moved in without the net.  I’m not sure that’s a good thing.  But although I was very glad to load up my ipod with new podcasts, and I’ve missed my bloggy peeps, I must say I enjoyed not having the net for the most part.  Except that I kept missing events because I didn’t know i’d been invited to them, and even if I did know, I couldn’t find out where they were.  I just don’t function well without technology anymore!  I’m not organised enough…

So, I’m just going to chuck a bunch of random things in here, because lots has been happening.

  • Over the Easter weekend, I did the teatowels.  Remember that sawp?  The one with the deadline that was a month ago?  Yeah, that one… I still have to heat set them, but they’ll be in the mail this week, I promise.  Sorry to my lovely swap partners who have lavished me with towels and been very understanding about not getting theirs.

  • Over the Easter weekend, I also dyed my hair blue.  I do not have a photo of this, but it is very blue. 


  • Also over the Easter weekend, I pulled up all the concrete that Osk had jackhammered into pieces, and put it into skips.  Well, my sister helped a bit.  For about an hour.  I also pulled up millions and billions of three cornered jacks.  The raised bed is clear and mulched, as is the roughly same sized area below it (about 1.5x5m).   I did this one evening, and the next morning there were magic little green things growing in it.  Just weeds, undoubtedly, but still!  They are not (all) three cornered jacks!  And the ones that are three corenered jacks are easy to spot – by the time they peek out of the mulch, it is obvious what they are.  I’ll have to stay vigilant, but I am confident that I am slowly winning.  I did a massive order of flower seeds from Diggers, to put in the raised bed, because I am desperate to have something growing.  Preferably something colourful and cheery to distract from the wasteland that is the rest of the garden.  I also bought half wine barrels from a lovely lady from Mt Compass, and I have a dwarf lime to go in one, a bay tree coming from Diggers for another, and plans for potted colour and herbs for the other two.


  • The mulching is a good thing because although we didn’t get the rain we were promised over the long weekend, it BUCKETED down overnight, with more rain promised for the rest of the week.  There was thunder and lightening this morning, and when I had to run from shelter to the bus, I got about as wet in 3 seconds as I would have if someone had dumped a bucket of water over me.  The garden is completely flooded, since the soil is rubbish and doesn’t absorb any water at all until it’s been bombarded.  Hence the mulching being good, because the area with the mulch was already damp and therefore managing to absorb water.  Also, it will stay damp and maybe more magic green things will show up!  The verandah is also damp, because the lean-to is leaning slightly in towards the house (how apt) and is therefore not watertight with the roof.  So water comes down right in front of the door.  Except that it’s been ‘fixed’ by placing a metre of guttering over it, so NOW it comes down either SIDE of the door.  I’m thinking of getting some longer guttering and feeding the water off onto the soil at the side of the house where at least it will run off into the garden and not onto all the things under the verandah.  Until I feel like replacing the whole lean to.  Sigh.


  • I called Bunnings about special ordering in some multigraft fruit trees for out the front.  I’ve got two dwarf lemons out there, with space in between for a crab tree to make a hedge.  I’ll get two avos whenever anyone has them in stock again, for a hedge on the other side.  And two Natal plums to to fill in the bit where the sad roses are, downt eh middle of the drive.  I’m trying for a peach/nectarine tree and a multigraft pear in the front.  I also ordered stuff from Yalca fruit trees, which Tanya’s partner runs.  I bought some garlic from her and BOY does it smell good.  Like actual real garlic that tastes like garlic!  She also sent me a bonus tea towel, even though we weren’t swap buddies.  Aaaaw.  And it has CHICKENS on it!  Ahem.  Anyway, I bought a cherry for the back, and two dwarf apples to espalier along a fence.  A 20 ounce for cooking, and a hubbartson’s nonsuch which, besides sounding very cool, is awesome for everything.  Also some raspberries and blackberries and some kiwifruit to climb up the verandah.


  • I worked the state election.  It was fun, but it was a looong day.  I worked Kavel, which is where my mother lives and where I grew up.  Lots of old familiar faces, and the Polling Booth Manager and one of my fellow workers were my old 2/3 teachers.  They job shared and I loved them.  At the end of the evening we were discussing what we would buy with our money.  I said it was probably juuust about enough to buy a spinning wheel and Wendy perked up and said I could have hers.  If she could find all the bits.  I remember her telling me how she used to sit inside the kid’s playpen and spin, so that they couldn’t throw themselves onto it.  I was very grateful and said I would love to give it a new home, but no rush because I don’t have anywhere to put it and also only technically know how to use it.


  • Becuase we were working from 7:30 until 10pm, we stayed at our mother’s place.  It’s only the second time I’ve been back since the wake (I still have to specifically stop myself from saying ‘my parent’s place’).  It was like a paradise.  There are scads of tiny birds everywhere, the trees I planted ages ago are massive, the gardens are beautiful.  My mother is talking about selling it – it’s 18 acres after all, and a lot of work to keep weeds and stuff down.  I don’t think she’ll sell for a few years yet.  It made me sad – we moved there when I was 1, while my folks built the house.  My sister was born there.  It was my home.  But I realised that weekend that it isn’t my home anymore.  I’d like a place like that to call my own – although maybe not with 18 acres.  I would love an acre or two of land to have trees and plants and gardens on, and encourage birds to visit.  But I do not wish to live at my old home.  It was a relief to realise that.


  • Oh, and I got a new job and quit my job.  I have two more weeks and then I am OUT of here.  It was a really tough decision to make, because there are lots of things I love about this place.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t loving my job, and the general craziness was sort of making me hate my life.  The decision was hard to make, but I am very glad I did.  The week after I quit, one of the managers came up and told me he was very disappointed that I was leaving, and told me all the wonderful things that they were going to do – get me on other projects, etc.  I was so angry I cried.  Hot, angry tears of anger.  Apparently you have to quit around here to get any attention – that did the same thing to the last two people who left, to similar effect.  Even though I’ve been asking for a year or more if there were any projects I could help out on, any opportunities, because I was bored and coasting, I’m still supposed to feel guilty about quitting JUST as they were going to do wonderful things for me, which were definitely in my best interest despite the fact that they had never actually asked me what I wanted.  It strikes me as very similar to the time I had an unfortunate fling with someone and after I told them I only wanted to be friends because I wasn’t ready to be in a relationship (which was true: but helped by the fact that the sex was truly, skin crawlingly terrible).  His first response was ‘who’s the other guy’ and his second was ‘but I was going to take you on holiday to New Zealand!’.  I did have a brief vision of sheep and possmerino, but since he probably would have wanted to do physical activities in the snow (a clear indication of how little he knew me) and the next time we spoke I’d been downgraded to Kangaroo Island, it was hardly an incentive to reconsider.


  • Anyway, the point is that I have two more weeks in this job, then a lovely week in Melbourne, and then I start a lovely new job.  Speaking of, I’d better get back and do my old one.  Somehow only having two weeks left have made it suck even more.  Oh well, last time I have to do x and y, I guess.

4 thoughts on “Been a while

  1. Holy crap! It’s all happening over there?! I want to see the blue hair! I want to know what the new job is! I want to see where the concrete left from! Sheesh, exciting and big and complicated! Look forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Ohhh your garden is going to be quite delicious soon. I bought a raspberry plant and a lemon tree but unless they plant themselves I should have just left the $50 in the rain – less effort than going to Bunnings and ignoring my plants.
    Yay for a new job. Tell your old boss to piss off on your last day, that guilt trip he’s trying to lay on you sucks.

  3. Good gracious you’ve been busy! Congratualtions on the new job and moving in! You sound way ahead on the garden too.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!

    Ooooh and blue hair, how cool.

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