Dunno why I’m still awake.  I have to catch a 7am flight tomorrow.  Oh, waiting for washing to finish, I knew I wasn’t just procrastinating!  Only mostly…

I have my metcard from last trip, along with my smiggle store card.  My suitcase is just ridiculously full – well, Emma’s suitcase actually.  I decided I couldn’t possibly only take the things that fit into my teeny suitcase.  For a WHOLE WEEK!  I mean, I think two half finished jumpers, a baby blanket, a pair of socks, enough yarn for ten hats, a skein of laceweight a spare skein of sock yarn and days worth of embroidery is barely enough to keep me going as it is.  Not to mention that I only have 11 days of podcasts on my ipod – well, actually it’s more like 20 if you count the ones that are chronological like audiobooks, so only have the most recent episode in my playlist.  Nevermind the fact that I could not physically listen to 11 days worth of audio, given that I am only away for 7, besides wishing to leave my hostel room and also, you know, sleep.

Clearly I have issues.

I also just realised that I will be spending a lot of time with lots of people I have not actually met.  This had not previously occured to me since I didn’t really think about the fact that just cos I know about someone’s childhood issues, what their favourite food is, what their kids look like (if not their actual names in some cases) and their kids favourite foods, doesn’t mean the same things as having met someone.

However, I am absolutely positive that it will be excellent, momentary qualms aside.  I am looking forward to all sorts of bits of it.  First thing to look forward to is this:

Have I mentioned that I love planes? 

Oh, and that exit survey questionnare?  Turns out it was meant to form a basis for my in-person interview.  Which of course I didn’t get, since they sent it to me about 4 days before I finished, without telling me that was what it was for.  Not that I particularly wanted to experience the exit interview, but still.  I sent a cross email and got a garbled, apologetic phone call from the person in HR who barely speaks English because it’s her second language, as opposed to her manager who has no excuse for saying ‘youse guys’.

Whoops.  Bitter.

Also, I did get Stephanie Alexander.  I am most pleased.


4 thoughts on “Eep!

  1. Good to see my suitcase is better travelled than me this year :). And I think I have the same photo of the patchwork fields and it makes me wish I was going with you this time. You’ll have a blast meeting new people (and eating crepes!) and will get approximately none of your crafting done but that’s not really why you’ve gone away, is it? xoxo

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