What I did on my holiday, part the first.

No photos for this one, as I didn’t take my camera out until I got to Sewjourn.  Deliberately, I was enjoying myself too much!

Since it’s been two long weeks since the holiday, this will be short, but I have the blogging guilt!  Besides, I’d like to blog about other things, and this is hanging over me. 

I flew into Melbourne at some goddawful hour.  I think I had to get up at 5am, or something daft.  By the time I got to Vic Hall where I was staying again, it was 10am.  Just time for a nap and then the Vic markets.  Lovely.  I bought a present for Emma, various trinkets for myself, and then I went to T2 and Smiggle (obligatory Melbourne stops, present for Anna and my sister) and apparently traipsed around THE WHOLE OF MELBOURNE.  And it was HOT, almost 30 degrees, and I only had jeans.  As I was making my way back to the hostel I got accosted by a young man who wanted to tell me all about bear baiting in Thailand or something.  I’m not entirely clear on this point, because I think I actually dozed off while standing upright on Swanston Street.  I am also pretty sure I was pulling funny faces at him – when I’m tired I can’t keep what I’m thinking off of my face, and I was thinking about things like, how nice a nap would be, and puppies, and how funny his eyebrows looked.

Poor man, he really was very sincere.  And I would have felt much more kindly towards him had his fellow ASPCA’ers been canvassing the entire city that week.  I think I got stopped about 10 times.  I also got asked for money a lot – is it just that there are more homeless people in Melbourne, that I was around in the city more than I usually am in Adelaide, or that my blue hair marks me as some sort of likely target?

Anyway, I extracted myself and managed another nap (the girl at the front desk laughed at me, I kept popping in and straight back out again) before meeting up with Bek for a lovely dinner and then desert and coffee in the Greek quarter.  It was lovely to have a really good natter, and we’ll do it again whenever her work sends her to Adelaide.  If only they’d stop sending her to Sydney!

Wednesday I had all to myself (bliss!) so I set off ALL AROUND MELBOURNE again.  I was looking for boots, and I had some in mind.  I’d seen some on the internet with buttons all the way up.  But I couldn’t find any, nor could I find ANY boots that I could cram my calves into, so I gave up and bought lots of knee high socks at Myers because they were having a sale, and that’s ALMOST like boots.  Also, I appear to do things like buy socks and underwear while on holiday.  It’s like some sort of sickness.

And then I did some more traipsing, and eventually found my way to Retrostar on Flinder’s Lane, where i proceeded to try on all the cowboy boots in the store, which turned out to be quite a lot.  And then I bought a pair of never-worn, vintage cowboy boots for $70 and I love them, even if they are a bit clompy.

And then that evening I went to go see Alice in Wonderland by myself which was lovely.  I do like movies.  It was my first 3D movie experience and I can’t say I was overwhelmed, although the bits around the credits were well done.  I’m not sure they were worth $4 extra, though.  But anyway, I quite liked the movie, although it didn’t knock my socks off.  And Stephen Fry as the Cheshire Cat was too delisciously cheeky.  I do love SF.  Look, here’s a video of him being embarrassed.

I wonder if he’d have my babies?

So, the next day was Thursday, and Sooz picked me up and drove me around a grand tour.  We went to the handspinners and weaver’s guild, where I bought some turqouise yarn (CONSISTENT, please, not predictable) and she bought some lovely slubby yarn which turned out not to be quite enough for a neckwarmer but we didn’t know that at the time.  And we ooed and aahed over the other things on offer.  Then we went to Rahtdown Remnants and then we went to Ink and Spindle and brought them pastries for morning tea.

Teegs showed off a dress she’d just finished, which was very impressive, and I got a bit hypnotised by watching them screenprint.  Very soothing.  My best friend in primary school’s parents owned (well, they still own it) a toy making company, and used to screen print shirts and the like as well.  Fascinating business, it is.  Then we choofed off to Clear It on Brunswick St because Teegs had seen the Allanah Hill fabric there and said it was great.  We inviegled her to join us because ‘we won’t be long, only ten minutes or so’.

Yeah.  I think we were there about two hours.  Pigs in mud would be the best discription.  There was squealling and perhaps a bit of wallowing and I came away with enough fabric that at the end of the trip I came in juuuuust under the weight allowance, through clever stuffing of my hand luggage.

And then we had to go pick Amy up from school and we went back to Sooz’s house and chatted a bit more before Janet’s partner G picked me up to stay at her house in preperation for the weekend!

Phew.  That was obviously the rushed version.  But I had a BLAST, especially on the Thursday, choofing around looking at things and nattering like crazy.  Days like that are too few and far between.


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