Dudes.  I got my ravelry queue down to 4 pages.

This has not happened since… oh, about three hours after I first joined ravelry.

I went through and purged ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING that I didn’t think I’d knit, even if I loved it.  And all the things that, if I want to knit, I am just going to start knitting rather than looking in my queue because either I’ve already knit them (like Cobblestone) or they are ubiquitous in the knit world.  Or, for eg, all the socks, since I have knit exactly three socks (pairs of) ever and if I am going to knit more, I will probably just do a search for ‘socks’.  Even things I wanted to be suitable to my body shape and temperament but, if I was really honest, aren’t.  It was HARD.  I am a HOARDER.  I had to be very stern with myself, but now my queue is a useful tool! (Queue politician joke here)

Now it’s only for things that a) I am burning to knit because I love them b) I am pretty sure I want to knit at some point and also think I might forget about them in the meantime like gifts or house things and c) things that I think might be a bit boring to knit, just quietly, but that I think would look good on me or otherwise be useful. 

Lots more 8ply and 5ply stuff (and lots more short sleeves, for some reason) in part because there are more good 5ply, short sleeved patterns coming out these days.  I already have the yarn for some of this stuff, and when I finish Cinnibar and/or when my sister movesout (soooo ready for that to happen, have I mentioned that?  Then you can look forward to blog posts about how the house feels empty and I miss her.  Hoorah!) when that happens, I will get it out and look at it and decide what is next.  I suspect it may be Cecchetti.  I am determined to have more useful, flattering jumpers that I am in love with.  I am wearing Emily today, and I almost love it.  Except the line through the middle.  But the yarn is smooshy enough that I don’t care.  SO there.  I definitely need to get my hands on some more Bennet & Gregor wool, it’s certainly worth stashing a couple of jumpers’ worth of it.

(I just caught myself, lost in thought, staring into space and ‘cooshing’ my sleeve.  You know, where you pat it up and down so the softness goes ‘coosh, coosh, coosh’.  If you are going to Bendigo Sheep & Wool, or any other yarn show that might involve B&G, give them a visit, coosh their yarn, and then imagine it blocked and three times softer.  Then talk to the lady who runs it whose name escapes me but she is lovely and will reserve yarn for you if you need more, so that the colours are the same – it’s undyed wool but the clends sometimes change a bit.  Then buy lots of it, but leave some for me.)

Quite a few shawls and shawlettes in the queue, too.  I had convinced myself that they weren’t for me, and then I realised that I take my pashmina to work pretty much every day.  I wear it as a scarf with my jacket on the way there (it’s coooold!  Isn’t it awesome!  Except at night, then it is NOT awesome) because I don’t like actual scarfs because they don’t keep the top part of my neck warm, and then as a shawl in my office where it is too cold in the morning for just a shirt, and too warm in the afternoon for a jumper.  So a Damson or an Ishbel would be perfect.  I also should really start the Peak’s Island Hood, since I had plans to give that to the sister as a farewell gift for Ireland where it is cold.  And maybe some mittens, too, since when else am I going to have an excuse to knit mittens?

Maybe I’ll start Peak’s Island on the weekend, since she is away ALL WEEKEND and I have the house TO MYSELF HOORAH!  Although… seedstitch, ugh.  It better knit up quick!  And I do still have a few UFOs that need seeing to, but it’s nice to be able to see at a glance all the things that I can’t wait to knit.  All 112 of them.


2 thoughts on “DUDES

  1. Congratulations! I really struggle to use my Ravelry queue in any helpful way. I tend to use my favourites to mark everything I am even vaguely interested in possibly knitting one day, so I don’t need my queue to keep track of possibilities. Ideally my queue would represent the things I might actually cast on real soon now, but I sort of feel I would be endlessly rearranging it in that case. Also I tend to start with some yarn and an idea of what sort of thing to make with it, and then go look at patterns to match, rather than starting with a pattern I must make.

  2. Well done! If I removed everything on my rav queue that is never going to get made the queue would be completely gone.
    I want to make a few 5ply things but the local wool shop has literally 5 different colours of one brand of 5 ply.

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