Sign I am not normal #574

I had to stop myself from squeeing when I saw that beefrank of Mr Xstitch faved one of my flickr photos.  I know it was probably only because it has the word ‘vagina’ in the title, but still!  She’s INTERNET FAMOUS, y’all!


Look, Johnny Depp isn’t going to be favouriting any yarnginas anytime soon, so I’ll take it.

Sign # 573: every time I see a ball of yarn like that I think of vaginas.  I didn’t post the photo where my sister was sticking her finger into it, though, so maybe I can still be allowed out into society?


3 thoughts on “Sign I am not normal #574

  1. bahahaha!! oh man it reminds me of something used in prison to…errr…relieve oneself….except in that case it’s a rolled up towel not a yarngina….hmmm I can’t remember what it’s called I’ll have to ask my boyfriend.

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