Just popping in

To quote at you.  From Garland Grey’s post on Tiger beatdown..

Being a feminist is about fighting complacency within yourself and others. It is waking up every morning and knowing that something you do will be shitty and full of privilege. For guys, it is about repeating “If it’s not about you, don’t make it about you” a million times until you understand that it isn’t. That is the process that we all go through to be allies to one another.

This is why it is ok to suck, sometimes.  Because it’s impossible not to.  And it’s important to accept that you will suck.  You should still try not to.  And when someone says ‘hey, that thing you just said?  It sucked’, you say ‘hmm, I see your point, I’m sorry I said that sucky thing, let me think about that’, not ‘no YOU suck!’. 

Craf camp photos on flickr and blog post here this weekend I hope.  I’ve been sick and have been sleeping instead of flicking.  The short version: it was awesome.  I made stuff.  Other people made stuff.  We ALL said ‘vagina’ a lot (I think I might be a bad influence).


2 thoughts on “Just popping in

  1. You are awesome too. Along with the other women. When you get a whole lot of awesome in one room, well – that’s a whole lot of awesome!


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