Help me spend my discresionarry income

Today is payday.  I have paid my bills, put some away for the ones I will get on the first of next month, before my next pay, along with the automatic deductions for my Chirstmas club account, my private health insurance, and Medicans Sans Frontiers.  I have resubscribed to foodconnect which has my food pretty much covered for the next month, and budgeted the small amount extra I will need.  I have put money aside for surprise social events.  I have not, it occurs to me, called the Jim’s mowing guy who repeatedly refuses to send me a bill so that I can pay him, but since I called him this week already, maybe he can wait until next pay.  I mean, really.  I am TRYING to give him my money, here.

The point is, now it’s fun time.  I have been waiting for pay day since Definiatalie posted about her redbubble store.  She posted about a discount off framed and canvas prints, check out the code here.  I was pretty excited because I have been looking for some lovely ladies to hang on my wall.  I was looking on etsy, but all the prints involving women have them waif like with huge bobble heads and dinner plate eyes.  Which is an aesthetic I quite enjoy, but I would like some fatties on my wall first.  And since I don’t appear to be able to buy the fat fairy here, I thought I’d give Natalie some of my dollars – although searching on redbubble for ‘fat’ has come up with some good things, too, that I might keep in the list for later.

But now I can’t decide between ‘heart strings’ and the fat ladies in a line.  What do you guys think?  I really should only buy one, for furgality and also because I don’t really have the wallspace for two.  But I love them both! 

Also, has anyone ever done the ‘two fruit trees in one hole’ thing?  I’ve been ringing around about multigrafts, but no one has what I am after (pears and peaches and cherries).  A couple of nurseries have suggested just banging two trees in the same hole and pruning as if they were one tree, which is something I have read about.  Any first hand experience out there?  Then I could just order some more trees from Yalca Fruit Trees, and frankly I’d rather give them my money than Bunnings.


5 thoughts on “Help me spend my discresionarry income

  1. Fat ladies, definitely.

    Also, I’ve done the two, three and even four fruit trees in the same hole thing. Works brilliantly. With apples, I’d recommend Badgers Keep (run by Clive Winmill, in Chewton, Vic) – they have masses of information about how to choose compatible apples that a) pollinate each other and b) will give you early, midseason and late varieties so you get a loooong harvest.

    But you can do it with all sorts of fruit, citrus and nut trees too. Go for it!

  2. Definitely Yalca Fruit Trees – but I may be bias!(yeah, share the discresionarry income around would ya!). Cam will give you advice Kate- how much room have you got? A multigraft could be done for you, potentially, (maybe not with those fruits- depends what rootstocks they are compatible with and I dont know) but mightn’t be the best answer in terms of fruit production- would look cool though!
    Those prints? I like them both, I think heart strings has got me though.

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