Click click click – giveaway

You know, I haven’t missed my computer at home.  Of course, I’m still getting my internet fix in sneaky breaks at work (work policy is this is fine, as long as your work gets done) and I have been able to use my sister’s laptop for emergency internet checking at home if I need to – which I have done once.  I really have not missed it at all.

Well, I’ve been busy.  Socialising, doing gardening (I bought a whipper snipper last weekend!  It’s ace!) hanging out with the manpanion, helping my sister to pack up.  Two more sleeps until she goes!  It has sort of rushed up on me.  I am certainly a bit sad, yes.  Then again, I had a bit of a hissy on Tuesday evening.  I did six loads of dishes on the weekend – by load I mean, what will fit on the rack at one time, I HATE drying, so I don’t.  And the sister had said she would do some on Monday.  Came home Tuesday and the kitchen was trashed, literally every surface covered with dirty crockery, and I broke a mug because I reached for the cat’s roo that was defrosting on the sink and a pile was dislodged.  Well, I didn’t really have a hissy – it was one of a set of four Jamie Oliver colour mugs and it was this weird khaki, so it won’t be missed among my hundreds of mugs.  Especially when it’s just me, because I tend to just use the same mug for days because I rinse it out when I’m done, except right now I can’t keep track of which one is mine in the maze of dirty mugs.  So instead of a hissy I just sighed a deep, heavy sigh and went to go get the dustpan.  BUT I COULD HAVE had a hissy.

And I’ve been knitting, of course.  I can’t remember if I told you I was done with the Peak’s Island Hood or not – I am, and it’s all blocked and the cat only sat on it a few times during that process. Have yet to sew the buttons on because my sister has them and doesn’t know where they are.

Blocked damson, FINALLY, although the edges are still a bit curly.  Really wish I’d managed that purl ridge.  I’ve worn it a couple times, but it’s been pretty cold this week and I really need a proper thick scarf to go with my massive coat.  Hoping it will get more of a look in when it warms up.  Which has to be soon, right?  Surely.  I am very over it being cold and dark all the time.  I am ready to wear skirts.  I am wearing a skirt today, with tights, and I am FREEZING.  Bring on bare-foot weather, I say.

And I finished the snapdragon mitts.  The first one took me about two weeks, the second one got cast on this Monday and finished last night.  Not a bad effort.  I mucked up a couple of the cable bits a little bit, but not so’s you’d know unless you know what you’re looking for.  I blocked them last night, and tonight I will find a button to attach the flap bit to.  And then I might manage to take photos on the weekend and possibly even upload them.  Oh, yes, and give them to my sister before she leaves for Ireland on Saturday.

I bought the pattern for Andrea’s Shawl (rav link) and I swatched and cast on for it last night.  The yarn I bought for it is from etsy seller Hermosa and it is BEAUTIFUL.  Soft and shiny and such gorgeous colours.  The light purple is called ‘thistle’ and the dark ‘blackberry’.  Unfortunately I didn’t pay much attention and even though it’s labelled as a sock yarn, it’s fingering weight – I’d say light fingering – where the pattern calls for sport weight.  I got gauge holding it double, which doesn’t show the yarn off as much as it could, but is still very pretty.  But now I am of course worried that I won’t have enough yarn.  I might, given that I’m doing the smallest size of the stripy version.  Oh, well, at least it’ll make me knit faster, right?  Under the well known phenomenon of thinking you’re going to run out of yarn having that effect.  If I start to run out I suppose I could use more of the darker yarn in the body of the shawl.  Body of the shawl?

You start by knitting the bottom edging, and I’m zooming along making purple lace.  Got a few weird looks on the bus today. 

 I accidentally bought the pattern twice.  I bought it from knitpicks and it didn’t get processed and I wanted to swatch THAT NIGHT (which of course I didn’t end up doing) and it’s chepa and I like her patterns so I bought it through ravelry, which was instant.  So now I have two.  Would anyone like one?  Leave me a comment.  If more than one person wants it, I’ll do a random draw thingy.

I replied to the acquaintence who sent me the political rant, basically telling him off.  He wrote back apologising and thanking me for my opnion.  I shall have to write back again.  He’s a nice boy, even if he does give me beserker rage.

And that is about all that is happening here.  Oh, except that I painted my letter box red.  It looks fantastic.


5 thoughts on “Click click click – giveaway

  1. Hey, after dealing with someone who did wrong and when it was pointed out to them did every weaselly lie and defense he could think of, I am completely impressed with your apologising nice boy. Takes guts, I reckon.

  2. I get the berserker rage too with my eldest.

    Oh ok, and the middle one too.

    Andrea is beautiful! And I want pictures of the red letter box please. Ours is red so I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

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