My computer is still broken.  I have missed it about once.  This is mostly on account of being very busy, I guess.  My sister is GONE and while I do miss her, it is so so lovely having my space back.  Although I keep finding things of hers.  On the saturday she left, I asked ‘are you going to pack up your furniture’ and she said ‘no, is that ok?’.  Um, NO, but we have to leave in an hour to catch your plane and you are still packing, so I guess it has to be.  When I packed up her bed the next weekend, I found about 10 socks underneath it in a pile.  I put them in a box, just like that, attached dustbunnies and all.  Because I am a heartless bitch, I guess.

Anyway, I’ve been sorting and cleaning and generally reclaiming my space, in between working and socialising and all the other things I apparently do.

On Saturday, I turned this:


Into this:


An almost-craftroom, painted in ‘applegate’.

Avec cat

Everything that was hiding under my bed came out from under it, and the spare matress replaced it.  And the dust was swept up and Monday morning was the first morning in a fortnight I didn’t have a coughing fit after my shower, so that’s a plus.  My fabric stash is in the meatsafe you can see, and my yarn stash is on the wooden shelves next to it, sorted into two big bins of 8ply, one of 12 ply, and one of 5ply.  And also my basket of fancy yarn.  I have a lot of yarn, it turns out.  And fabric, too, for someone who doesn’t really sew.  I would really like to use enough of it that I can fit all the extra craft bits (two boxes of paper craft, one of beads, the tatting stuff, you get the idea) into those shelves. 

The computer desk is on the right of the photo, with the as yet unfixed computer on it.  Gotta do something about that.  And the pile of boxes to the left of the shot will be replaced by nice new sewing desk as soon as I get my tax return back.

I also turned this

Into this

And then into this

And then I filled it with books.  The bookshelf on the right almost fits all my fiction books, and the stripey one would fit all my non fiction, if the craft books and magazines weren’t taking up half of it.

This is what you see if you stand with your back to those shelves and fave the other way, and also if you are me holding a camera.

I really love my house quite a bit.  Hmmm, must paint that door, except I’ve burnt through the entire 4 litre can of ‘peplum’ white. 

I’ve planted trees and shrubs in the front garden, and bulbs are coming up in the back.  No photos of those, apparently.  I am going to have to write down what I planted where, and then blog it for when I loose that piece of paper.

And as of last night, I officially have neighbours.  Someone has moved into the other half of my semi-detached house.  I haven’t met them yet, I got home late from dinner with friends, but their cars were there and I could hear a woman laughing, faintly, through the walls.  It made me a little bit sad… my little house isn’t as private an island as before.  Hopefully they are nice and not too judgemental of my sower-sob filled front garden.


5 thoughts on “Lurking

  1. Wow you have done an awesome job! I love all the shiny new paint and that bookshelf is awesome. I did my daughters furniture in hot pink and purple (toy box, bookshelf, cot, tall boy) and the walls custard yellow with white trim and it looks awesome. Love interior decorating!

  2. Wow, it all looks so gorgeous and organized and all. The green is totally inspired. Glad you are finally getting into a bit of feathering of the nest – the wait has obviously done you good!

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