Some things that are not my garden

I was going to introduce myself to my neighbours last night, but I fell asleep in front of the fire after dinner.  Whoops.

We went to see inception on Saturday.  It was EXCELLENT!  And don’t believe people who tell you you ahve to concentrate.  It’s was complex, and it needed attention, but we were pretty hung over and it was totally followable.  And Leo and Jason Gordon-Levitt are all grown up!  Oh, the memories.  I heard a rumour that JGL is going to play the Joker, which I thought was ridiculous, but having seen him in Inception I think he’ll be great.  My favourite bit of the whole movie was the floaty hallway scene.  So. Cool.  Way cooler than the matrix!  I would totally recommend to everyone that you go see Inception.  It’s the best movie I’ve seen in a very very long time.

Well, I did also wathc the Royal Tenenbaums and Watchmen, last week.  I realise I’m well behind the eight ball with these.  I went to have a movie night with a friend, who had been suggesting I watch RT for about a year.  But I have an irrational hatred of both Gwyneth and Ben Stiller, so I was resisting.  I loved it, it was fantastic.  And I think anyone who’s had a complicated relationship with a parent will identify with the movie.  Also, I secretly adore both the Wilson brothers.  Aaaaaw. Anyway, all the characters were interesting, even the ones I didn’t like (predictably, Stiller and Paltrow’s characters).

Watchmen was also fantastic.  I didn’t know anything about the series, although the manpanion has said he will lend me the comics.  I totally didn’t predict the ending, which is unusual for me in hollywood movies.  Well, I picked the bad guy, but turns out by the end I liked him the best.  And as a history nerd, I found it fascinating – I laughed at many things which I companion gave me funny looks about (not unusual, I admit).

I went swimming last Thursday.  My bus goes past the Adelaide Aquatic centre so I just stopped off and went for a swim.  I haven’t swum properly for years!  I’ve mucked around in the ocean, etc, but not swum laps.  It was fantastic, even if it did take my body about a half an hour to sort itself out and remember how to do it properly.  I’m going to try to get a swim in once a week, because it does make such a big difference to how I feel.  Partly because it’s winter and I sit on my arse all day, so exercise feels fantastic.  And partly because there is just something about being in water, about putting my head under it and seeing that cool blueness stretching out, that is so so revitalising.  And if I can figure out where the spa/sauna is in the aquatic centere, even better! (I know it’s in there somewhere)

Here is the only pic I have of the snapdragon mitts. 

I was going to snap a photo of my sister wearing them, and also the Peak’s Island Hood, but her last days in country were such a mad panic I didn’t bother.  The shot of the hood blocking is too dark and fuzzy to bother with.  Oh, well.

And here is a photo of my cat in a weird position, looking mad.

Thankyou for playing.


3 thoughts on “Some things that are not my garden

  1. I went to the local aquatic centre a while back and managed about 4 laps, maybe 6, before I gave in. I thought my effort was pretty pathetic lol. I was huffing and gasping like you wouldnt believe. And why is it that swimming always makes me so damn thirsty? So does washing the dishes for that matter.. Hmmm…

    What is your cat’s name? S/he is the spitting image of a cat I had (some 15 years ago) named Moses.

    So you are in Adelaide? I will let you know if I am ever over that way, I have never been to SA but have always wanted to : )

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