Last week I came down with the black lung.  I spent Thursday and Friday in bed, coughing and achey, completely unable to do anything.  Even reading was too hard.  By mid friday, I was bored out of my mind and VERY whingey about it all.

Luckily, entertainments had been booked!  S’s kids are in Scouts, and they were performing in this year’s Scout Shouts.

Guys, a word of advice.  Never, ever go to see a pantomime performed by young children when you have a fever.  Especially not if it’s Peter Pan and appears to have random things thrown in just because they had extra people and costumes.  Like adolescent girls in lycra catsuits.  Just wrong.  They were led onstage by an adorable 5 year old and then BAM!  My involuntary reaction was ‘woah!  That’s confronting!’ and the lady next to me turned around and agreed.  It also involved an Indian scene rife with cringe-worthily inappropriate racist puns (although I did enjoy the scene that went: Hook:where’s my redskin? *first mate hands hook a lolly* Hook:no, where’s my REDSKIN? First mate: OH, you mean your nativeamericanprincess!)

And the second half of the show was a series of sketches themed ‘the human body’ and was apparently written by the young performers themselves which makes me feel a bit better about the amount and quality of the puns.  Sample sketch: two adorable young blonde girls run on stage in nurses uniforms (no, I don’t know why).  Someone chucks a bunch of plastic ears on stage.  The two adorable girls chorus ‘WELL THAT WAS EERIE!’ and scurry off stage in delight. 

Actually, I kind of enjoyed it, and the small children were incredibly adorable (especially the ones that popped out while they were changing scenes and sang ‘never smile at a crocodile’ over and over, complete with hand actions.  That song will not. Get. Out.  Of. My. HEad) but it was very, very surreal.  And ended quite late – about 11ish, I think, which was WAY past my poor invalid bedtime.

Then we had to get up early to vote (and wasn’t that all very exciting!  I am not commenting until it is all over because while i am not particularly sorry that Australia has registered its displeasure, the Mad Monk still scares the shit out of me) and collect my chickens. 


They are Bantam Langshans and they are adorable, as are the teeny tiny eggs I am getting from them.  I have photos on my camera, and I will get them to the internet eventually.  They are black and shiny green, like beetles.

I spent the rest of the weekend doing not much, pottering around and coughing.  And this week I have had zero energy for anything, and the house is trashed.  It’s highly irritating.

I realise that I have no time because I am spending it bundled up on a couch with a snuggle buddy, and as such I am not complaining.  But given the amount of sorting and organising there still is to do of my sister’s stuff, it’s a bit irritating.  The spare room and laundry is literally just heaped with stuff.  I am hoping to get time this weekend to clear that out and get all of my sister’s stuff that’s left into boxes and in the shed.  And then I can start on my OWN stuff.

When I semi set up my craft room I sorted my wool stash and pulled out some rejects.  Mostly murky greeny brown colours that I will never use.  There’s more in there that I am determined to use  before buying more yarn.  Well, except that I just did, but that was for specific things – white for my semi-abandoned hexagon blanket and some yarn to knit S something for his birthday which I was thinking was nicely away in October but guys.  August is almost over.  And I only just remembered to turn my calendars over, so I’ve been missing out on Janet’s lovely photo of her sewing machine, all that time!  HOW is August almost over?  I nearly missed my sister’s birthday (luckily she’s already had her present).  So anyway, considering what a tardy knitter I am I probably should get going.  So I ordered more yarn. 

I haven’t been doing much crafting, to be honest.  I am still knitting away on a couple of WIPs, ones that don’t require much thought or input.  Thing is, I can’t really GET to anything – my stash is now accessable, but all those bits and pieces you might need – notions, scissors, measuring tapes – have no home.  That is also part of the projected tasks for the weekend.  Locating and amalgamating craft stuff.  Even if it WILL still be on the floor of the craft room for a while before I can get a new desk, at least it will all be in one area.  Things need amalgamating, Like needs to be with like, WIPs need to be sorted and assessed.

While thinking about but not doing all of this, I’ve decided that, as well as having too much of my sister’s STUFF, I myself have far, far too much STUFF.  I have too many plates and glasses and bowls, too many knick knacks (not that many, but definitely too many) JUST enough books, so please stop buying them unless you plan to finally read all those ones that you never got around to and then maybe pass them on.  Some things can be gotten rid of altogether, some, like the excess crockery, can be put in the shed in case I suddenly decide to entertain 30 people (ahaha). Problem is, by the time I get home, it’s cold and dark and I’m tired and lazy and just wish to sit by the fire with the cat.  And I get a little bit done on the weekend, but I really need a good two hours at LEAST with no distractions.  S would be perfectly happy to sit and read while I putter – last Sunday he sat in the sun while I pottered around weeding and watering and the like.  But I feel guilty and, more to the point, would rather join him in the sun reading, or on the couch talking, or whatever other activity is in the offing.  But I am DETERMINED to get at least the spare room and maybe the laundry sorted this weekend.  That would mean I could have a table to eat at, and the other organising can be done in half hour lots. 

I am trying to curb the wanties, too.  I want new, more, better.  My life would be shinier if I had this shelving system or that single use tool.  Mostly this is a symptom of inaction (buying feels like doing something, and if I don’t have time to make something I am more likely to buy it ) and of feeling poor.  Which I am not.  But I have a backlog of largish purchases to make, like more mulch for the front yard and a new desk, and bird wire for the rabbit run, and I really need new glasses but I’m putting it off.  I got my tax return, and the same week I got a water bill, a gas bill, an overdue phone bill (the post office has been losing our mail) and council fees.  Bye bye, tax return.  Which, you know, is fine.  At least it meant I wasn’t stressed.  And hopefully bills will be lower now my sister isn’t taking two showers a day and sitting in front of the heater all night.  I mean, there’s no one living there most of the week, since I am at work.  That should cut down the $$, one would think.  And I’ve downgraded the internet plan and decided to eat less meat (mostly because all that stodgy winter food was making me feel a bit icky), so hopefully the pennies will start to add up.  It would be nice to be able to buy those large things I want, and then maybe start paying more off the mortgage.  Well, there will always be something else that I ‘need’, I guess, but I’m trying to keep the wanties to a minimum.

Well, that was a tad whingey.  But I feel like that.  It’s friday, and I’ve been mildly sick and listless all week, and work has been irritating while I do bitsy work and wait for people to get content back to me, and I feel scratchy and bound down.  I bleached and dyed my hair last night – I had massive regrowth and the blue was fading, and I was SICK of it.  But it takes about 5 hours all up, so I had to stay up late to do it and now I’m tired, and I’ll have to top it up later because I missed some bits and didn’t leave it on as long as I’d like.  But I couldn’t see a free weekend when I was going to be ok walking aorund with gladwrap on my head for 5 hours, so I just went for it.  On top of that, I’ve been dragging up my mother issues this week, which has made me generally a bit glum and a bit churned up.  But that’s a blog post in itself.  If I ever get around to it.

 But, on the other hand, it’s friday!  Tonight I am heading up to S’s place in the hills, so I will get a good dose of lounging around guilt free on Saturday (while at the same time meeting one of his best friends, no pressure or anything) and then Sunday I might achieve things.  I’m hoping to use my pent up purging urge while it’s around.  What are you all up to this weekend?


5 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. blagh on the black lung! Says she whose is also ailing again. Winter sucks, yes?

    Less stuff is good, we have the plates and cups we use every day out on the open shelves and the barbeque set in the cupboard underneath. We find that works well. As does the old opshop basket in the hall – when you pick up something and go, oh I don’t need that anymore, or it’s too big, too small whatever, in it goes. It becomes a habit. Then when it’s full someone takes it to the opshop. We average about a trip a month. Kind of like a regular poo for the house if you’ll excuse my crudity.

    Also if you have murky yarn you need to get rid off, we should talk – can we swap or something?

    Have a lovely weekend 😉

  2. oh I meant to say this weekend I plan to buy some 3mm dpns and take the girl book shopping as a reward for reading 100 readers. And do washing and sleep a lot. Rock on.

  3. Well I’m kicking the weekend off by going to a film with a friend. It’s been over a year since I went to a film with a friend, technically, it’s her birthday present to me. But it’s a toss up about who is more excited. I’ve gotta do some early starts to give the Bloke some sleeping in action so that I don’t come home from craft camp and find that I’m single, I was thinking of cooking okonomiyaki for breakfast. It’s really easy and it means we eat cabbage without anyone complaining. Sunday is Scienceworks day where we pay off, um, I mean positively reinforce, the kid doing that sleeping in his own bed thing.

    Feel free to bring your purging urge around here. My stuff is all essential, obviously, but if you could get rid of the Bloke and kid stuff that would be excellent.

  4. I am taking the eldest two to the dentist where I will likely be told to fork out several thousand dollars for the 14 year old to have braces screwed onto his beautiful white teeth, then dump them at home with instructions to clean their pigsties I mean rooms, while I collect all the holds at the library and go to my cello class. Then it’s washing cleaning sorting cooking vacuuming. Sunday I plan to spend a bit of time in the garden throwing more horse pooh around, and then catching up with a friend in the afternoon to borrow all her books on Bali.

    As soon as you mentioned the murky yarn I thought of Janet.

    Oh and the sewing machine in the photo is mine! Taken by the brilliant Janet, but it’s my old girl in the spotlight.

    Gah. It’s nearly September.

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