It’s still totally August!

I am holding onto that thought.  Because, you know.  I’m not ready for September. I mean, I have no problem with September as such.  In fact, I am pretty pro-September, in general.  Just not NOW, I’m not done with August!  Heck, I’m not done with JUNE, who stole June and replaced it with Septmeber.  This isn’t funny guys!  I’m onto you!  Bring June back right now, and I won’t even ask where it’s been, ok?  Guys?

Well, anyway.  Here are some photos of my chickens.

They are lovely.  Their tentative names are Dorothy S. Layer (Dot for short of course, although I would never call the real Dorothy L. Sayers that, it would be disrespectful), Agatha and Harriet.  Except I can’t decide who should be who and in fact I can’t really tell them apart yet.  Except for the youngest one, who looks smaller, obviously, as she is about 2 months more youthful than the others.  She was the first to get comfortable enough to lay an egg:

Why yes, I was very excited about it, why do you ask?  This is not my hand, btw, it’s the manpanions.  The better to make it look teeny and also take an in-focus photo. They’ve been churning out the teeny eggs, actually.  Here is a not very good or useful photo that I took of my fridge this morning, showing the eggs from my chooks in comparison with commercial eggs – the two up the back.

Perfectly salad-sized

They seem to be pretty peacable and there’s not been too much pecking etc.  They all came from the same place, so probably that was already settled.  They do kick up a fuss before laying, but who can blame them, really.

Let’s all take a moment to think of that poor chicken’s cloaca

Otherwise, I find the clucking and bokking to be a very soothing garden noise, and I am very pleased to have them.  I seem to have acquired many animals to feed, it’s nice to have some that feed me back.  Given that I am not really an animal-person.  As in, I quite like having a cat, but not as much as I like NOT scooping cat litter.  If you see what I mean.

The other thing happening in my garden is that the tulips are blooming.  I planted the raised bed FULL of bulbs, and the tulips have been up for a while, and are now pumping out flowers:

Bright sparks

I planted rows of particular… breeds?  Species?  Whatever. Ones with names, like ‘queen of the night’, and in between I chucked in random bulbs from a big bag.  Looks like some of the randoms are first up, all the orange ones.  Although I was very excited to see this morning that there are some red, yellow and white ones now coming in.  Yes, I am easily excited by things happening in my garden WHAT OF IT??

Some of the edging grape hyacinths are having a go too, but something been nibbling them, much to my displeasure.  There are enough tulips up that I have felt ok about picking them, which was the whole point of planting them in the first place, so that’s good.  Also, given that I don’t really get to see them in the garden, I have started picking what there is on Sunday afternoon so I can see them during the week.


Luverly.  I am partial to tulips.


5 thoughts on “It’s still totally August!

  1. It’s time for September biatch!! I want spring! I want a backyard that doesn’t attempt to suck my shoes into the muddy abyss. I want SUN!! Mind you, I’ll have to wait until November to get any of that. Okay, you can have a bit more August.
    I want chickens, so jealous! And tulips!! The old lady who owned the house had questionable judgement – we have one daffodil in the backyard and what looks like other bulbs slowly sprouting in odd places. Next door has the most breathtaking bed of daffs in yellow and white making me seeth with jealousy.

  2. OMG, two of my favorite things- tulips and chooks!!! I have always said if I get chooks I want three so I can call them Gretchen, Gilda and Gertrude. Where do you get all your energy from? Gardening, chooks, crafting…I am in awe!

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