I’ve been sucked into What Claudia Wore lately.  I LOVED the Baby Sitter’s Club as a kid.  I even knew they were shit, but I loved that they were formulaic and that there were LOTS of them.  Not that I am hoarder or a maker of lists, or anything.  I liked that nothing ever changed, and I liked the way the kids could do things that were CLEARLY never going to be allowed to happen in real life.  Pretty much the same reason that I liked Nancy Drew, incidentally.  And What Claudia Wore is making me want to read them again.  Ironically.  Only, totally not ironically.

Mary Anne was my favourite.  I know, I know.  She is SO BORING.  Not to mention wet.  And boring.  But I definitely identified with her.  I was a pretty square kid.  I never had much use for Stacey and Dawn but Claudia was my second favourite.

Did you know that they all have twitter profiles?  True story.  Also, I have only just worked out that Claudia clearly had an eating disorder and that Kristy was probably a lesbian.  DUH. (I worked that out about Bess and George from Nancy Drew some time ago).


3 thoughts on “Flashbacks

  1. … that Bess had an eating disorder and George was a lesbian?? LOL
    I never had the pleasure of reading Baby Sitters’ Club or Nancy Drew, I didn’t speak English until I was too old for it 😦 However, I strongly suspected that Gilbert was a long-time bachelor in the making, so was shocked when he married Anne of Green Gables (although this could have been part of his cover). Old Mathew was definitely gay.

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