Y’ar, it be scurvy

This post sums it up nicely.

The truth about what happens when something wounds you is that first there is pain and bleeding. Then you start to heal, and a scar forms. A scar is vastly better than nothing; at least the acute pain goes away, and you don’t bleed to death. But it’s never the same as it was.


4 thoughts on “Y’ar, it be scurvy

  1. A great post. I’ve been thinking about you since I read the last post, and wishing I had something good to say, but in truth I don’t. It is such a hard hard thing and you generally do so well with it that I can’t imagine that you haven’t already thought all the things I might have to offer. But I really thank you for sharing this – which is the kind of comment that often annoys me on my blog, but really the way you share is so insightful and raw without unnecessary drama that I really feel like I learn a lot from the reading and the thinking about it afterwards. Scars may not be stronger but I think they have added a depth of insight to you which is valuable in and of itself. xx

  2. I was trying to think what this reminded me of: it’s the U2 song lyric “you can sew it up but you still see the tear”. But I think I like scurvy better. Aaar.

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