Craft camp

This time last week I was still at craft camp. It seems like much longer ago. Been back to normal life for a (short) work week, and a weekend. And I miss my crafty tribe terribly! All those lovely women!

There was teaching:

And learning:

There was sewing in the sunlight:

And at night:

Improvised dresses:


There was swearing: at machines, at skirts sewn in backwards

(This being after the skirt had been reattached. Twice. I still have Caroline’s heartfelt, horrified cry of ‘noooooooooooo!’ ringing in my ears. The anthem of crafters everywhere.) And at F*&^ bias binding, how does it work, anyway?

(Janet aced it, even though she ‘hates sewing):

There was rain:

And sunshine:

And photography:

Oh, and there was a mouse:

I like this photo best because you can see Eleanor quietly crocheting away (‘I can’t stop!’) with her feet safely up, and you can see Suse just in frame. Her feet are up on her chair and her hand is flapping direction to Sue who was bravely searching for the mouse. I also searched, but I put my shoes on first, not being as courageous as Sue. And I didn’t search very hard.

Janet sewed a freaking lovely top out of some freaking lovely Liberty fabric:

There was enough left for Suse and I to have a handkerchief-sized square each. Suse sewed hers into a handkerchief:

Which TOTALLY counts as an FO. Mine is still in my suitcase. Ahem. It’s been a busy week, ok!

In fact, my total FO output was nil. I worked on my 100-year crochet blanket and made decent progress, making several more inner bits and attaching another half-row. I don’t have a photo but there’s one in Janet’s photo stream of me wearing it like a (very hot) scarf.

I worked on my Riding to Avalon. I finished the second sleeve. Then I realised the first sleeve was way too short, so I re-finished that. Then I blocked it, meanwhile discovering a little hole right at the cast on. I am really hoping I just tore it, and it wasn’t a moth hole. Now all I have to do on Avalon is the hood (well, and the seaming), which involves lots of thinking and also having the whole thing on my lap and worrying that I don’t have enough yarn left. So I put that to one side.

I worked on a baby jumper, the last sleeve of which I finished last week on the bus. Now I’m just doing the applied i-cord edging. Is everyone aware that applied i-cord edging takes approximately FOREVER? Ok, then. Good.  Just as long as you are aware.

I had brought a bunch of yarn and a ballwinder, in case I got to some other projects. I didn’t, but the ballwinder was leapt upon with cries of glee from Kate:

And then by Suse:

Kate’s improvised swift was genius.

Kate and Suse, this is the ebay store I got them from. Here are the winders. I bought my swift and winder combined, it might be worth asking her about it.

While I am leaving messages in my posts, here is Yalca Fruit Trees, with all their lovely dwarf quinces etc. It’s run by Cam, Tanya’s partner, who is very very helpful (Cam, I mean. Although, Tanya is, too).

And I know Caroline found it, but here is the Comic Relief Dr Who with Rowan Attkison as the Doctor

And here is the Catherine Tate show with David Tennant

And here is the Armstrong and Miller appearance in the RAF bit

Anyway, that was craft weekend, basically. I can’t really photograph the deliciousness of the food, the peace of the countryside, the pleasure of being in such, such excellent company. I can’t really describe them either. I just know that I said a lot of sentences starting with ‘gosh!’. As in, ‘gosh, we are lucky to be able to come here!’ and ‘gosh that was a good meal!’ and ‘gosh, isn’t Eleanor/Sue/Janet/Suse/Caroline/Kate/Lisa lovely!’ Because you all are. So very, very lovely. Thank you all so very much, especially Janet and Suse who go to such effort to organise us all.

And then I flew home. Boo:


6 thoughts on “Craft camp

  1. oh craft camp always sounds so fun.
    Yep, gearing up for fruit tree season again. Cam is very helpful. I am too, with some things.. my fruit tree knowledge…well, probably not that helpful I am afraid. But I can cook…

  2. Really enjoying these photos, makes me want to go back for another weekend soon. And to make sure I don’t have to work on the Monday. Missed the wool winder and the fruition of the Liberty fabric top, and Suse’s lovely top…However, it was a top weekend.

  3. All I can add is Five Go Mad in Dorset accented “Oh, it was such fun!”

    I’m glad you got a photo of my swift impression, and hey, so many photos of me actually making stuff. Must show the sceptical Bloke.

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