Gosh, I’ve been such a bad blogger. I’m going through a real enthusiasm slump lately – about everything. I suspect it’s hormonal. I’m having my implanon out this week, and I’m hoping that changes things. I know I’ve talked about my birth control here before, and I have.do love it. But it’s not needed now and I feel like I’m trapped in that week of the cycle when everything takes a bit of extra effort. I can MAKE myself do things, but it’s no fun and there’s a limit to the amount of MAKING myself I want to do.

So, I’ve not been motivated to do things like upload photos to flickr, so I can blog them. And I haven’t really been DOING much to photograph, anyway. Some knitting, not any FOs. Some mending and hemming, but nothing to show off. Some cooking and baking, but nothing particularly spectacular. Very little gardening. I have called some people to come and give me a quote about getting my lean to redone, but that’s still in holding pattern too.

I did have a job interview last week. I didn’t get it, and I’m not sure I’m sorry about that. I’m going to have to do some reflecting on what I want. I don’t want to be where I am now, but I can’t work out how much of that is that I am just OVER working. And I always get cranky about this time of year, when I am waking up and arriving home in the dark. It feels like all I do is go to work and come home and do chores. Add general slump to that and you get a big dose of dissatisfaction. There are things about this job that make it less than ideal, so I might keep an eye out, but wait for something that is actually better rather than different. I got really great feedback for my application and interview, though, which is nice – but there was someone more experienced. So whatever happens, it was good practice.

I have been doing a lot of reading. Read a bunch of the Little House on the [blank] books. Re-read a few pratchetts. Paid off a large library fine (to be fair, they DID send the late notices to a place I haven’t lived in six years, for no apparent reason) and borrowed some books for the first time in probably a year.

Oh, and my cousin gave me some Zhivago yarn that she bought for a jumper and only used one ball of. It looks like this:

Patons Zhivago Tencel / Acrylic Yarn - 4464- Beige Print(Here’s someone’s FO using it so you can see it knit up)

And beige is… not my colour. Plus, it’s tencel/acrylic and while it’s not an unpleasant yarn to touch, I just personally don’t like it much. I was going to give it to the op shop, but if anyone wants it, you can have it for the price of postage. It’s a whole bag, I think, or nearly anyway. I’ll count how many balls when I get home.

Anyway, this was just to remind you all that I exist and to hopefully encourage me to do some more blogging, because, as I say EVERY time I go through a no-blogging patch,  I miss it.


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  1. I feel like I’ve missed something. Why don’t you need it?

    Beige is not my colour either and as we discussed on Facebook I’ve been reading the Little House series too. So you know, just telling you I love you really x

    1. Well, Steven’s had the snip, and since i’m not planning on sleeping with anyone else in the near future, I don’t need any birth control. Since I’ve had it basically my whole adult life, I think it’s time to see what it’s like without it.

      I started reading Brat Farrar. Only, I started reading it before bed and had to put it down because BAD THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN. But I’ll be having a good go of it this week. Discovered that Kerry Greenwood ripped off the twins, Ruth and Jane, for characters in her novel. I guess she thinks of it as ‘an homage’, but really…

  2. Ha, I’m re-reading the Little House books too. At first that seemed like an odd coincidence, until I remembered I was inspired by reading The Wilder Life.

    I love Brat Farrar, it’s one of my favourite books to re-read. It’s odd though, I first read it many years ago, and I think if I were reading it for the first time now I would find it difficult (because of the BAD THINGS feeling)

  3. Thanks for the reminder of the Little House books (continuing the conversation on facebook). Will get going.

    ps. I did a little leap inside when you said you didn’t need the birth control any more. But then I realised what you meant. Damn you woman, you had several of us reaching for the baby yarn for a minute there!

  4. Glad to have you back!

    It’s OK not to blog for a while, you know. Blogging is not compulsory and I’m sure sometimes it’s better just to live life.

    I know that feeling about work and I only work 3 days a week and even then I don’t seem to be there very much what with sick leave, rec leave and public holidays….. Which reminds me, do you have holidays due? Sometimes that feeling can be from not taking holidays….. Perhaps you also have a bit of SAD?

    Must get the little house series so I can reread them and read them to Grace and make little house outfits for all her barbie dolls. Yep.

  5. It’s so good to see you post. Hard to do so when being hounded by the blahs.
    I had an implanon about 8 years ago, and had to DEMAND it be removed. Dr. didn’t want to, “Oh, you’ll just get pregnant again”. I was too flabbergasted by that remark to make any kind of comment about him being patronising. I’m SURE that the implanon triggered a major depression, flicked some switch in my brain or something. It took a good few years, and some prescription drugs, before I regained any sense of equilibrium.
    I have to confess I haven’t read any Little House on the Prairie books. The first one is on Ally’s bookshelf. Maybe I’ll get it down to add to the teetering pile of books-to-read.

  6. I tried hormonal contraception and loathed it, I really don’t trust it after the effects I had.
    I read the Little House books last year for the first time and have been thinking of rereading them. Major oversight not to have read them as a kid.

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