In the genes

A while ago I was browing ravelry and S came up behind me to see what I was exclaiming at. I was looking at the DNA vest, and I mentioned that it was originally a scarf. S expressed a vague wish to own such a scarf. WELL, I said. I HAPPEN to HAVE such a scarf!

I made it for my dad, in 2007. It’s in Bendigo Rustic, colour midnight tweed. It was my first cable project, and I didn’t realise at the time that it was a tricky one. I don’t know if I’d take up such a fiddly project, now.

Anyway, obviously my dad wasn’t using it anymore, so I got it back. I don’t wear scarves, though, so it sat for the last couple of years in that pile of ‘can’t use, can’t bear to give away’ knits. I pin blocked it at the time, but it was quite curly. So I gave it a really thorough steam blocking and it looks about 100x better. Here are some gratuitous photos of it.

It’s a ‘seaman’s scarf’ (hur hur hur) which means it’s got ribbing halfway through, so that it stays on your neck and is less likely to get blown away by the wind, etc.

Excuse the odd facial expressions. It was very bright and glarey.

I’m very glad that it’s found someone who will use it. Gosh, look at all those fiddly cables and metres of moss stitch! It must have taken me forever.


5 thoughts on “In the genes

  1. Very nice indeed. I reckon I have a touch of knitter’s envy too. (I’m also meant to be typing minutes but let’s not go there). And all that moss stitch – love moss stitch – yours is perfect and unsullied by ribs and patches of stocking.

  2. Everywhere I go on the internet at the moment Janet is saying “I’m meant to be writing minutes”. She excels at procrastination!

    Love the action shots. I have a love/hate relationship with moss stitch.

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