Wooly warmth

A while back I heard that Sara was incubating a child. Brilliant! I thought. Here is a chance to knit for a small one whose mother is a crafter, and yet not a Knitter, the perfect recipient of knitted things in terms of appreciation:effort ratio!

Pile o knits

I asked her when she was due, and she said February, but could I please knit for the coming winter. This was excellent as it gave me 1)the chance to knit something that might fit for more than one minute and 2) time to procrastinate. These two in combination are slightly problematic, but shoosh. Sara also asked (very politely) for red and grey, as gender neutral options. Red was easy, and I knit this moustache jumper first, out of leftovers from something else.

It was my first ever intarsia, and you can see that one side is pretty puckery. But I figure babies don’t care too much about that, and all in all I am pretty pleased with it. I was a bit disappointed when I heard that Wolf was a boy, because then it’s less ironic. But I know Sara will do her ironic best.

Of course, after I knit it I realised something very obvious. It is a pullover. And babies? Have large heads, and do not much like things being pulled over them. So I decided to knit another jumper, this time a cardigan. I settled on the garter stitch baby kimono, which turned out to be a really fun knit.

Those of you who remember me at craft camp, whining about how I never wanted to see any grey ever again, may be surprised to hear me say this. But it turns out, the problem wasn’t the colour, which I am actually quite taken with. The problem was that in order to find a nice grey in a superwash yarn, I had to buy Bendigo Classic, which is a crepe style yarn. This meant it was very splitty, and so I couldn’t really knit it without looking. Which is really one of the benefits of knitting a small baby jumper in garter stitch, so that was a bit frustrating.

I’m quite pleased with the green applied i-cord, which is from knittery yarn that I dyed myself. The buttons are from my stash, and I am also very impressed by my skills which enabled me to sew two round things on wonky. You wouldn’t have thought it was possible, would you?

I’ll give an honourable mention to my February Baby Sweater, which I cast on just before Wolf was born, maybe for him. But the yarn is a bit pink, and I thought best to leave that in my gift stash. But I’m going to show it off here.

And of course, babies need hats. So I made an aviatrix hat, which was a lot of fun, too. So fun that I cast on another one right away. It’s sitting in a basket on the shelf. I’ve done about three rows.

Ravelry tells me that this one took me three days to knit. Of course, it then took me almost a month to sew the buttons on. Sorry Sara!

Turns out hats aren’t made for ears:

And then I thought, you know. It’s not really fair that Wolf gets all the snuggly goodness. Also, I kind of want to buy some malabrigo. So I did, and then I knit a honey cowl out of it, for Sara.

Nothing for Tom, though. Sorry, Tom.

They were all sent off last week and now Sara and Wold have them, and she tells me they have a cold snap in Sydney too. It’s bloody freezing here. Luckily, I found a greatcoat in the op shop last week. It’s like wearing a blanket out of armour. I love it.

For the giving

Sorry those three buttons took so long, Sara. I hope they DO fit for more than ten seconds! I know how babies are, with their inconsiderate growing out of things. Hope I didn’t miss the window! And I hope all this keeps you and Wolf sunggly and warm, what with all the wool and all the good wishes I knit into them.

6 thoughts on “Wooly warmth

  1. Those are pretty cool knits! The idea of a moustache jumper for a baby tickles me so. 😀 That green i-cord looks really great with the grey garter and green buttons. Your projects made me wish my friends are having babies too.

  2. I love that aviatrix hat pattern – it is so fun to knit. I made one for my nephew, and wanted to knit another, but ended up knitting poppy instead (which is more or less the same concept but without the strap)

  3. TEARS. IN. MY. EYES! You are so amazing Kate. Just can’t thank you enough. We will organise a photo shoot so you can see Wolfie enjoying your creations. I honestly think you are the cleverest, loveliest person I’ve ever not met! xox

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