Here is a thing what I made

Mr fox

It’s Mr Fox Stole My Heart by Tiny Owl Knits. I saw this on her ravelry page (I want to knit EVERYTHING she has designed. Especially the little needle houses and also the deer hat) and stalked the magazine it is in for probably close to six months. It’s the April edition of Yarn Forward, published in the UK. That means that it’s really the March edition, but it only made it to Oz the first week of May.

The dress I am wearing is a custom etsy purchase from Heart My Closet. I was so pleased with the whole process of getting this dress – the price is good (try finding a plus sized formal dress for less than this cost, go on, I dare you), the material is quality, the stitching is GREAT (I ordered it a couple inches longer than I should, but I can’t bring myself to unpick the gorgeous neat hem stitches!) and the seller was really good about clarifying what I want. She also asked great questions – like whether I have issues with standard clothes in certain places, to identify extra measurements she might need. For me that’s my waist and shoulders – a bit longer and broader than is ‘standard’. I admit to being pretty nervous, because the opportunity for error is fairly large, but the fit is just glorious. I will absolutely be ordering from there again – I have had to ban myself from looking at her store because I keep putting things in her cart, and I’m trying to be fiscally responsible.

When I got the dress, which has a retro kinda feel to it, I looked at it and thought ‘what this needs is a fur stole’. Except… I feel kind of gross about that. I found some fur coats in a second hand mart, and while they didn’t fit they also made me think that that wasn’t what I wanted. What I WANTED was a ‘fur’ stole. It’s as much real fur as this dress is really retro, so I figure it fits. I wanted to wear it to the wedding on the 21st of may and I got the magazine somewhere around the 7th. And then I couldn’t get yarn until the next weekend. I sewed the face in on the morning of the wedding. Hoorah! I made the body about three inches longer, to fit better around my fat neck (I’m, not joking, since the last time I put on weight, all my necklaces sit higher). Didn’t manage time to make the legs, though. I also scared the CRAP out of my cat with it. He was sleeping on the arm of the couch while I sewed the face in, and when I was done I turned around and said ‘what do you think, kitteh?’ and showed it to him. He jumped a metre in the air, landed on the ground, and scurried away to hide under the bed. He spent the rest of the day searching the house for the terrifying intruder. Poor kitteh!

This is probably one of the better written patterns I have ever knit. It’s a generous layout with lots of pictures, clear instructions, and good advice. They suggest yarn subs, and all the fiddly bits have pictures. Seriously good job by Yarn Forward (going to be called Knit from next edition, presumably to make it easier to confuse with every other knitting magazine out there).

Thanks to Emma for the picture. She snapped it between the wedding and the reception, and it’s the only one I had. The mother of the bride LOVED it, and I ended up giving it to her. It was mostly a selfish gift – I genuinely enjoyed knitting this so much that I’m looking forward to knitting another one for myself. I’m about halfway through. I think I might make the tail a bit bigger this time to keep in proportion with the longer body I knit.

The yarn is Moda Vera Mousse, which is 70% wool, 30% soy protein, and extra snuggly. I was so pleased to find a good foxy colour! I used two 50g balls for this, and the other bits are Bendigo Rustic from my stash. I’m thinking I might also knit up a BRIGHT red fox from some stash yarn. I bet my sister would wear it.

It’s actually super snuggly and warm and practically useful. That is my second favourite thing about it. My first favourite is that it is a bit weird. When I walked through town after the wedding I got lots of stares – a few glares (Seriously?) and a few people commenting in the most lovely way. My third favourite thing is that it doesn’t look dead, and my fourth favourite is that it doubles as a stuffed animal to amuse small children. And large children, for that matter.


11 thoughts on “Fantastic

  1. it is indeed a very fantastic mr. fox and I thinks it’s hilarious that you got glares- what are you thinking woman? Maybe you needed a sign on your back saying no one was hurt in the process….they might have thought it was a real fox (joking). ihave just popped over to that LOVELY etsy shop- thanks for the link

  2. The whole outfit is glorious and I think way better than an actual fox stole. I loves it. Are you doing legs with the next one? Because I think that would be extra cool.

  3. I love foxy loxy. A brilliant alternative to a dead fox slung around your neck. The dress…it is the best. You look terrific! Loveley collar, lovely colour, lovely fox looking perky on your shoulder.

  4. Can I just say? You are awesome. I saw this on Flickr, but didn’t realise you wore the whole ensemble to a WEDDING.

    (Also, love that the mother of the bride loved the fox so much you gave it to her. Again, so much awesomeness).

    1. Hee! My wedding, my mum. She’s named it Bluey and when it isn’t at work with her it peeks its head out of her backpack and looks at the family.

      Craftastrophies, my dear, WHY did you link to her etsy????? MEAN!

  5. What name does the orange “mousse” wool have? It looks like one that my store has run out of and I need a name or a barcode to order more!

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