WIP roundup

Just updating my ravelry page and I thought it would be nice (for me) to have everything in one place. Here’s what I have on the needles at the moment.

I cast on for Jaali, as mentioned earlier.

You cast on and knit a long row of cables, then pick up stitches from the side and knit up. Very neat. The body of the jumper is in reverse stocking stitch, so when I get to that part I’m going to see if I can work out how to do the cables backwards, so I can knit all the way instead of purling.

I have another fox on the go.

Body is done, head is halfway. The yarn is Moda Vera Mousse again, and the tail is Moda Vera Cardinal, which is 40% acrylic and feels exactly like knitting polyfill. Yuck. But it is the right colour and fuzziness, and I only need to knit a bit of it.

I have a glove and a half of Genmaicha for me

Well, sort of, I’m a bit worried I’ll run out of yarn so no thumb on the first one, yet. That way I can knit the thumbs in something different, if need be.

I’ve knit these before, for my sister.

And at the time I thought I’d knit another pair for me. It’s only taken three years. The yarn is undyed camel that I got at my first bendigo… hmm, sensing a pattern? I really like these, the cable pattern is lovely and the pattern is well written, as you can expect from Kristen Kapur. Really clever, clear pattern.

I have a back and almost a front of a Phyllo yoked pullover

Which is really boring to photograph, and I probably won’t knit on that until winter is over since it’s a cotton blend and I’m all about the wool right now.

And I have a secret thing I’m trying to work out from scratch

I’ll let you know how it goes. But it did necessitate learning double knitting, and holy CRAP that’s a cool technique. Plotting a double knitted tea cosy, once this is done.

And here is an FO from ages ago that I’ve only now managed to get photographed properly. It’s my Damson, and it’s a bit disappointing, really.

I ran out of yarn on the bind off row. The yarn was from my first Bendigo trip, and I’d bought Emma a skein of laceweight in the same colourway, so I asked if I could have as much of that as it took to bind off, and she very kindly said yes. However, it is a bit lighter – more pink than red – and the bind off is still a bit tight, so the thing curls like crazy and won’t sit flat. I’ve got a couple of things to steam block, so I might give that a go, but I don’t hold out much hope. I probably should unpick it and bind off again. When I first fished it I sort of shoved it in a srwaer to forget about it, but it’s been getting a bit of use this autumn with jackets and the like, as a scarf. And I certainly seem happy about it here.

Hmm, only five things on the needles. That’s not many! Better go cast on something else…


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