Post Holiday Haze

Back at work today after a long weekend in Melbourne and at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool show with S.

It was so lovely, despite every step of the way involving some sort of delay or drama. We flew in on Thursday morning (after a delay, obviously) and caught up with my cousin and her husband who are living in Melbourne now. They’ve spent 2010 travelling around Asia, so we sort of lost touch with each other for a while. I mean, we knew what was going on with each other, but we’ve always been fairly close and I missed knowing what was going on with her at a deeper level than what country she’s in, or what her job title is. We also talked about some family stuff that we were having issues with, which was so great. I’ve missed out on being invited to a few things, which has obviously been really upsetting. It’s not on purpose (well… I have my doubts about one of my aunts, but  I am giving her the benefit of the doubt in order to strive for the moral high ground for once) I think it’s just that the people organising things assume I will find out… somehow. The cousins I am closest with have been out of the country or interstate, and my mother is NOT a reliable source of information, so I’ve been out of the loop.  I’ve talked to people and asked them to contact me personally and it seems to be all sorted out, but I have to be careful what I say to my dad’s side of the family. They all love each other and have functional families, and they get upset if I hint that maybe I don’t have the closest relationship with my mother. Anyway, I got to talk about that and not have to pretend – my cousin never really had a relationship with her dad, besides begin pretty unsentimental, so I could say that I wasn’t close with my mother without it making me a bad person. Such a relief!

Anyway. That was Thursday. This is taken from the Vic Markets on Friday, before we travelled down to Bendigo.

 We had to go on the bus, because they were repairing or upgrading the line, or some such rubbish. It was NO FUN. On the way there the bus smelled of cabbage farts, and on the way back we had some awful man sitting behind us droning on with inane comments about the things we passed and racist comments. Luckily I slept through most of that.

We went down to Bendigo on the Friday night and stayed in a B&B called Jubilee House, which was LOVELY, and the people who run it were just fantastic. It also happened to be near the Bendigo Woollen Mills, so I went there on Friday. Bought a few balls of yellow and green for my crochet blanket, because nice yellows and greens are hard to find, and don’t show up well on screens for internet buying. I picked out some colour combinations for things I want to knit later, that it’s hard to do on the colour card. And I bought some balls of classic. I don’t like Classic at all, really – I don’t find it to be very warm, and I don’t like crepe plies in general, and I find it splitty when knitting. But I want to make a baby blanket, and it’s superwash, and it had the colours I liked. I loooooove luxury, but the colours aren’t very bright – at least not the cool colours. Frustrated, as usual, by the washed out colour palette of Bendigo.

Anyway, we went to the show early on Saturday, and had a quick look at things, and S and I patted goats. Then I left him in the lunch hall contentedly reading while I caught up with people, and then it was basically time to go, if we wanted to be back in Melbourne at a decent time. Which we did. I would have liked a bit more time – I didn’t make it to the alpacas or the craft hall or the bunny lady – but I did everything I wanted to. And it was much more fun catching up with people.

I seem to have only taken photos of goats. Here is a baby cashmere goat. It was a week old and is trying to eat my camera.

And here is a grown up mohair goat, trying to do the same thing.

And here is a two for one, a baby mohair goat AND a grown up one.

But I don’t think I git enough cute into that photo, so:

This is me being very pleased about patting a goat

The goat was also very pleased

Goats are the greatest. Especially because up close, they look like this

However, I did not buy any cashmere or any mohair. I didn’t buy much at all – I got a jumper’s worth of shiloh yarn and a pack of pear tree yarn that they were selling off by the kilo – my score was 100% merino 4 ply in dark blue. And I got a shawl pin and some buttons and a few other trinkety things. I carefully handled all of my lovely single skeins before I went, so I wouldn’t feel compelled to own any more, and it seems to have worked.

Saturday night we went to see Bridesmaids. It was hilarious, and also I started crying about a half an hour in and didn’t stop until after it was finished. In a good way. Sat next to a girl who reacted out loud the way I do – it was that kind of movie, anyway, but it was good not to feel bad about muttering ‘oh NO!’ any time something awful was about to happen. It was fairly slapsticky, mostly in a good way, but I am a chicken about that kind of comedy. Luckily I bought a GIANT tub of popcorn (it was dinner) so at the start I slid way down in the seat and balanced the popcorn in front of my face, so I could hide. And I watched most of the movie through my fingers. But now that I know where the cringes are, I would definitely watch it again – especially if I could fast forward one or two bits.

Sunday I caught up with Bek and had brunch with her, and then S and I did some wandering and some shopping. I found a lovely duffle coat in Retro Star Vintage, which was excellent as all my winter coats are either too small, too daggy, or are a massive heavy military greatcoat. And then monday we went out for breakfast and then decided that, really, we were done. So we went to the airport early and sort of stared at the wall for a while. Well, I listened to podcasts and knit and S read his book, but we were very much in need of down time. And then I got home and slept in my own bed and it was SO GOOD.

I was sort of hoping that the holiday would be able to kick me out of the cold, dark rut I’ve been  in – nothing major, just that everything seems to take more energy than I have. It sort of did that – I feel clearer and less under a weight. But it is still dark when I leave for work and when I get home, and it is still freezing in my house. I want to do things, but I want to be warm more, so I guess not much is getting done until either it warms up or my lean to gets fixed – which will not make my house warm, but it will make it less damp and chilly. And you know, it’s hard to keep your garden going when you can only garden in the dark, when it’s under 10 degrees. Not very encouraging.

Anyway, that final whinge is sort of to say, that’s why I haven’t been around much. Because I haven’t been doing anything to talk about. The holiday did make me realise that yes, when I have free time in the relative warmth, and when the sun is in the sky, I can achieve things. So I guess I’ll just wait it out. C’mon spring!