Foxy Loxy

Remember the fox stole that I wore to Sarah’s wedding and gave to her mum? I finally finished his replacement. Well, it’d been done for a while, but I hadn’t sewn the ends in. I finally did so I could wear him on my Melbourne trip. Here is the rav link.

I looooove him. (I suppose it could be a she – are vixens different colours or shapes? But somehow it’s a he). So snuggly and warm. Even if I DO get glares when I wear him in Adelaide. I don’t know, people.

Only received smiles when wearing him in Melbourne, though. Even when having an impromptu photoshoot in a carpark.

Although not from the man reliving himself in the corner of said carpark, which is what I’d just noticed here. Nice.

I really loved knitting this, even a second time. This time I made his body a bit longer, I think by about an inch. I also made the tail one increase longer/wider. I’m planning to knit ANOTHER one for my sister’s birthday next month – better get cracking on that, it has to be posted to Ireland. I’ll make it to pattern, because she has less neck for him to snuggle around.

I’d been in a bit of a knitting slump – idly doing a few rows here and there but not very enthused. The wool show kicked me out of that. I’m knitting a cowl for S out of Malabrigo. He wants it to be tall enough that he can pull it over his head, but I stopped knitting it last night because it’s getting a bit ridiculously massive, and I want to have him try it on before I go any further.

Instead I did a (teeny tiny, probably inadequate) swatch for some Mystery and Manners for my sister. They’re colourwork which kind of intimidates me.  They’ll definitely be an at-home project because there is a complicated chart. Well, it’s not that complicated, but it is different every row, and definitely needs to be spread out and concentrated on. I’ve got gauge with the suggested needles, but I had to pin it a bit to do so, so I’m not sure about it. But I think probably the size up would be too big. I’m knitting it in Morris Empire, which I bought on the trip. I was going to buy it during their sales – I’ve been plotting these mittens for a while, but waiting to hear if my sister is staying in Ireland to get use out of them. But in the end, it was too hard to pick colours over a screen. Plus I realised I would be going there, and could save myself the postage. I ended up choosing ‘daffodil’ and ‘kingfisher’ which are working really well together.

I also cast on Sunbreak for a baby blanket for a friend. I’m using the Bendigo Classic I bought last week. The yellow is just called ‘yellow’ and it isn’t on their colour card, which is a shame because it’s LOVELY. Not washed out and sad like usual Bendigo colours. I’m doing the sun in the middle in the yellow and the rest of the blanket in Tasman Blue. Hypothetically – we’ll see how I go when I get to the transition. I haven’t really thought it through, to be honest. Someone else on Ravelry has done an intarsia one with the same thing – yellow sun, blue blanket, but they did it in four parts and sewed to together. The pattern gives you options for doing it that way, or in the round, and I chose in the round. I’m a bit worried because the yarn isn’t fuzzy and forgiving and capable of hiding mistakes, but I’m sure it will be Good Enough. And if not, I can reassess. I’m about halfway through the centre of the sun and loving it. I realise this is the fun part, though.

I’ve got one and a half gloves of Genmaicha (rav link) in undyed camel which I really loved when I cast on. Now I’m just not sure. I’m not loving knitting them, and I’ve had some eczema on my hands this winter and I think the fuzzy camel would irritate it. I could really use some fingerless gloves right about now, though. But the contrast of having these new projects that I am in love with, and Genmaicha, which I love the pattern, and I love the yarn, but together… meh. Well, that’s not true. I do love the combination, I’m just not sure it’s for me. I don’t think the yarn would stand up well to ripping, though, so I guess I’ll finish them and maybe they’ll be ok.

But it is such a lovely feeling to be enjoying knitting again, and to be so excited about the projects on my needles.