Literally. WordPress keeps eating my posts.


4 thoughts on “Absent

  1. Blogger is heaps better now. It’s all very intuitive once you figure it out. There has only been one down time since I swapped. There’s a conversion program that is pretty easy and that works well with wordpress – I had to convert to wordpress from typepad to get to blogger. The bummer is the photos – I’m fine with the ones on flickr but I still need to transfer a whole heap from typepad.

    1. Hm. But if I converted, would it have to be to a new blogger blog? Or could I put my more recent wordpress posts onto my old blogger blog? I wouldn’t be doing it any time soon, but it’s always good to know. Photos wouldn’t be a problem – you CAN upload them to wordpress, but I’ve never got that to work so they’re all just linked from flickr.

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