Knits update

Woah, Worpress. What’s up with making it snow on the page? It’s not 1995. This is not myspace.

Anyhoo. Here are some knits what I have made. The first is a WIP of a baby blanket. My best friend from high school is pregnant and man am I excited about that. So I decided to show off show her how much I care and knit sunbreak, but with the cable sun in the middle being colourwork. I knit the centre bit at craft camp in September, and as we were packing up and leaving I was winding little cardboard bobbins of yarn to start the intarsia.

It was… complex.

So, that bit was a bit of a nightmare. At one point I messaged her and said ‘I’m knitting you a blanket. Just so you know, it’s a bit shit’. The yarn is Bendigo Classic. I hate it, but I wanted superwash, and nice bright colours, so it was a compromise. Because it’s crepe ply and not very wooly, it wasn’t very forgiving of gaps and turns in the colour transition. But as it’s come together it’s looked better and better, and I’m weaving in the ends to close the gaps.

I’ve been done the colourwork for a while, and now I’m shaping the edge so it’s rectangular rather than round. I’m trying to weave in the ends as I go.

I’m pretty pleased with how it’s turning out. Rav link.

The other one is my third fox stole. This one is for my sister. It’s been finished since September, as you can see by the fact that Suse took some photos of it:

But I didn’t sew eyes on it until last week. Obviously. I have to package it up tonight so I can post her her Christmas parcel.

Rav link. Pretty pleased with this one, too. The yarn is a mystery yarn from my stash. It didn’t quite make it the whole way, and I had to buy some Palette to finish his chin and legs. His nose and ears are leftover malabrigo from S’s cowl. And he’s pretty snuggleh.


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