‘Garden’ is such a lovely word. Is that just me? Sounds soothing and promising at the same time. It’s a paradise. A place with fairies at the bottom.

Well, my garden is not a paradise, and I’m pretty sure the chickens would eat any fairies.

But it is quite nice at the moment. Not very edible – the squash is ripe but has mildew, everything else is either not yet ripe (tomatoes and potatoes) or gone to seed (leafy things). I’m hoping the new drip watering system will slow down both mildew (not on this one, it’s too far gone, but on future squashes) and seediness, as most of it came from underwatering on hot days.

Pretty squash flower with telltale signs of deadly overhead watering. It's gotten very mildewy since this photo, I'll have to pull it all out when it's less hot but I've already had lots of good feeds from it. I know zucchini glut is supposed to be terrible, but I will take all of it that I can get. Yum.
Lettuce gone to seed. I'm letting it, until I have other things to plant. The bees like it.
The tyres are full of potatoes - two dutch creams and two sapphire. The frothy looking bed behind is mostly potatoes, but the froth is seeding silverbeet. It smells lovely and sweet, and that plant was amazing. It grew like woah, and lasted a year before I forgot to water it in a heatwave, so I'll be saving the seed when it dries.
Sapphire potatoes. The stems are more purple and... nightshadey... than the Dutch creams.

But despite the lack of actual food in it, it is very green and pretty. The sunflowers grew themselves, presumably from the chicken food. I left them even though they are in inconvenient places because they are so beautiful. And will make good chicken food when they’re done.

There’s a certain time of day that I can’t resist hanging out in the garden, often taking gratuitousness photos. The light is just so beautiful. It’s about a half an hour before bird roost – the chickens in their dome, and the local lorrikeets in the big tree two doors down. These long summer days it’s a good couple hours before sunset. Just as the earth is starting to cool down a little. Everything glows.

Even the weeds.

It makes my scrappy little garden, full of weeds and overgown things, into a magical place to be.


6 thoughts on “Garden

  1. I think Dutch Cream potatoes are THE BEST! I had them with a roast last year and was blown away by their delicousness. And they hardly ever appear in my greengrocers. How dumb that I didn’t even think about growing my own until reading you right now. Will yours harvest in time for Crarf Camp?

    1. Oooh! Most certainly. There are probably baby ones there now if I wanted to grub underneath and get them. I plan to just keep them in the ground until I want to eat them, as the most efficient storage system. Will smuggle some over the state border. I bought some seed potatoes from Digger, and split two packs with a friend. I still have some I didn’t plant because the number of taters I’ll get from these plants (hopefully) is ridiculous. What can I say. I like potatoes. A lot.

  2. Gorgeous garden post and photos. I can buy Dutch Cream potatoes (from Tassie) at a local fruit & veg shop. They are indeed splendid roasted. Not really mashers, though. Love your banner photo.
    I was given a teatowel for Christmas with the quote “If you have a garden and a library you have everything you need” – Cicero. Very true, but I would add sewing implements (you may add knitting needles), good food and wine.
    Very best wishes for the new year.

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