Does anyone know what this might be?

I suspect it of being a fruit tree. It’s self seeded in a bed I was prepping, and was hiding behind a tomato. It’s shot up in the last week  and I have to decide whether to transplant it or bin it. But I’d like to know what it is first, because it’s in clay soil so it’s not going to be easy to dig up – is it worth the bother?

This is not the only thing having a growth spurt in my garden. On Sunday, the kiwi fruit was finally, finally reaching out a tendril towards the verandah. Sunday evening it had made it. Monday morning, four more tendrils were following it, and it was creeping up the rail. I had to run out and buy some wire to start trellising it. That’s been the last three evening, putting trellises on basically every upright structure, some with shadecloth behind the wire to stop the plants burning in this wicked sun we’re having. Very satisfying to not feel behind the eight ball for once. I’m sure it won’t last but I’m enjoying it while it does.



4 thoughts on “Help?

  1. It’s a kumquat! A snozberry! A marmoset! Or is that an animal?
    …yeah, gardening is NOT my strong point. It’s growing! And it might bear fruit! You win.

  2. Hi Kate, I just called Cam over to have a look…because I am not the expert in this filed either! He reckons (sadly, sorry!) that it’s not a fruit tree…he said it looks like ‘Fat Hen’, which is a weed we have here- do you have that (it’s an edible weed, I think, if that’s any consolation. I’m not saying he’s right, that’s just his thought…

    1. I sort secretly hoping you’d be reading 😛 We do have that here, although there’s none in my suburb that I can see, so who knows where this one came from! When it was a seedling I thought it might be an apple, but I asked here because as it grew it looked less and less like that. I’ve googled fat hen and it’s definitely that.

      Well, that saves me some effort, anyway! Thanks for the info. 🙂

  3. It’s a weed. I don’t know the name (fat hen sounds good). Do not let it set seed. Pull it out and give it to the chooks. Apparently it is edible, but I’d lump it with Jerusalem artichokes, collard greens and such: only if nothing else grows. Not the case in our climate (ie. not snow 6 months of the year).
    Didn’t send Christmas greetings, or new year greetings, so I send Australia Day greetings!

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