WordPress kindly informs me that this is my 200th post. It’s taken me a while to get here. There are at least five drafts half finished, as usual, written since the last time I posted. They will almost certainly never be posted. Here is some of the information in them, plus some bonuses. In list form.

  • I’ve gone semi-vegetarian, since the New Year. The precipitating factor was a book called PopCo which was excellent, and you should read it. I promise it won’t make you veg, unless it’s been slowly creeping up on you for years as it has me. My personal stance is about factory farmed meat, so I can still eat roo and beef and even lamb if I want. Just no chicken or pork. And probably tuna anymore, as it’s pretty farmed out. Curses. It also means I can take holidays and relapse without failing, because it’s a general abstinence, not a Life Choice. Tonight, for instance, I had Hungry Jacks for dinner. It was revoltingly delicious, and I’m not sorry.
  • This all came out at a family do in January, when my Grandmother accused me of being a coward for not eating the turkey meatballs. I wasn’t aware that they required bravery, but I had to ‘fess up. Cue flapping and screeching from all the aunts, bless them. The uncles all immediately went po-faced and refused to venture an opinion. I, and my cousin who has been veg for years, had to justify ourselves. One aunt declared that I was ‘coming out’ which was… well, it was awkward.
  • I cut off my hair.

  • Twice.

  • My favourite part is the way you can see where my cowlick is, because the hairs change direction. I love it even though it’s much less seasonal now. Am plotting to knit some hats.
  • I had a job interview today. I was frankly surprised to get the call, as I’m not really qualified, although it’s well within the area where my talents lie and I can definitely do it, and do it well. I interviewed for a different position in the same department last year, so I’m taking it as a good sign that I even got called back, and I think it went well and everyone was friendly, etc. I’m trying not to think about it too much, because I’d really like it. It’s better money, a better commute and a chance to use my brain properly again. I hope this isn’t jinxing it, but it’s taking up a lot of brain space so I thought I may as well at least think about counting my chickens, once they hatch.
  • This is not a very impressive 200th post. But it’s what I’ve got, and besides, you know what they say – go on as you started. Or something along those lines.

4 thoughts on “Bicentenial

  1. Love the buzz cut! I’ve been growing mine out for a year now and I’m happy with my hair and all, but I suspect the clippers will make an appearance before another year has passed.

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