Lunchtime, doubly so.

Jesus, they’ve changed the format of wordpress AGAIN? I can’t keep up. Shows how neglected this poor blog is.

Anyway, I just sort of accidentally signed up for a Make it In May skirt thing at Curlypops. I blame Tanya. Also, my need for more winter skirts. And my desire to go fabric shopping. This weekend is a free weekend, mostly, and I want to do some sewing. I need to take in my craft camp skirts – they’re wearable, just, but big enough that they actually work their way around sideways if I’m doing anything active. I also want to make another couple of the same skirt, maybe in corduroy, because winter is looming and I only have jeans, really. Not too many skirts that work with tights or stockings, and keep me warm. I also need some more footless tights, and the one pair that fits isn’t sold anymore, so I’m thinking of using it as a pattern. Plus, I have searched high and low for a fleece jumper that is thick enough to keep me warm, but not $1 million, so that I can wear it around the house doing things. No go. Nada. Zip. I’m pretty sure I can make one that’s daggy enough to get flour or soil all over it.

Speaking of soil, I need to get into the garden. I’ve decided to let it go fallow again over winter – I just don’t get any light during the week, and my weekends are usually too busy. So I’m going to revamp it and mulch it and bed it down. Maybe plant some things that can grow without too much attention – some lettuce and spinach and the like. My zucchinis keep getting terrible, fast onset powdery mildew. One day they’re fine, the next, irrideemable. Which is upsetting because I will eat all the zucchinis I can get. I suspect the Fragnipani tree which has suspicious white leaves. Another reason to pull the damned thing out (I hate it). Maybe when the tamarillo in the front yard is a bit bigger and can provide summer shade – if it doesn’t fall over, it’s leaning dangerously and I have yet to find time to stake it. And I need to prune and stake some other trees. Which I meant to do last winter, and didn’t find time to.

Time is mysteriously thin on the ground around here. There should be heaps of it, really, but there never seems to be.


5 thoughts on “Lunchtime, doubly so.

  1. You know, the Ottobre skirts I made at Craft Camp have somehow “stretched” and work their way around to a wonky position. Pocket on back hip, for instance. Same for lined and unlined skirts. Weird. I’ll make the next one very close fitting and see what happens.
    I find winter veg. gardens hard because the bulk of it needs to be planted January/February when I can’t be fagged. Consequently I don’t have much of a winter garden.

    1. Yup, that’s what mine do! The other ones I’ve made from the same pattern, with the same seam allowance/ease still fit prefectly. Not sure what that’s about. I wonder if I’m brave enough just to overlock up the seams?

      I just went and bought some winter herbs to plant this weekend. But it reminded me of why I go through the process of growing from seeds – all the punnets were so stringy and sad looking. But it’s so much mucking around!

  2. You hate frangipani. I had to go back and read that a few times to be sure I didn’t miss a negative in there that would change the meaning to something I could understand. I’m finding it hard to come back from that.
    And yeah, the SSS (swiveling skirt syndrome) shits me too!

    1. Well, to be fair, I mostly hate this particular one. I don’t know that I’d ever choose to plant one, they’re not my favourite. But I loved the one in the last house – anywhere near the beach and they’re somehow nicer. But this one is right in front of the teeny tiny loungeroom window. But the house faces north, so if I cut it down, I’ve got zero shade in summer. For now, though, it makes my already dark and pokey house darker and pokier in winter.

      And it gives my zucchinis powdery mildew.

  3. Any skirt action at your place? None here yet! I like the look of that Otto pattern you made up. I am heading to Sewjourn in a few weeks, so planning some skirt whipping up (well, that would be nice!) then.

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