Only a month late

I Ma(y)de a skirt. A month late.

Well, it’s been cut out since May.

Another Ottobre yoked skirt. I just love this pattern. This one is in red cord, with some funky red fabric in the facing. It came together really fast and I only made two mistakes – did some weird improvised zip thing that I had to unpick, and sewed to front to the back the wrong way around the first time – that were both easy to fix.

I’m going to say that I Mayde it, though, because I made five partial skirts in May. I fixed the two black skirts, one of which needed multiple hemmings and unhemmings before I got it right.  And I ‘fixed’ two drill skirts that had gotten wear marks by dying and painting them. Well, almost, the last step is yet to be completed. Jeez, I’m organised.

Well, whatever, it’s been busy over here. My sister has been visiting from Ireland. She came for my grandma’s 90th, which was great, and she leaves tomorrow. I am sad to see her go – it’s been so great having her here – but also kind of glad to have my life/house back. She’s been going through the stuff she left in my shed and the whole back half of my house is basically impossible to enter. On the plus side, not much of it is going back into the shed, but…

These photos are courtesy of her, which is why I am pulling weird faces in them. I have a different exasperated expression when S takes my photo. (Must practice photo face.)

I took some time off of work while she was here, to hang out with her and to get some stuff done. I had VISIONS of all the things I would achieve. Of course, I didn’t. But I DID hang out with my sister, and relaxed, both of which were amazing. I also went through my mending pile. It is now all but gone. All the is left is two things to hem – I’m trying to get my inherited coverstitch machine to work first – and a coat with fallen apart lining that I am not proficient enough to reline, but I can’t let the coat go.

I finished sticking together and tracing the pattern for Kasia last night. But my hips are one size too big and my waist two and a half too big and it was too late for pattern adjustments. That one might have to wait for a weekend because it’s hurting my brain slightly more than it should.

PS please ignore all the %*&)@ soursobs in the garden. I am tackling them from the other side of the garden, and haven’t gotten to that bit yet. Oh, how I hate them.


5 thoughts on “Only a month late

  1. looks amazing kate. i for one, love your exasperated photo face. i’d stick with it! truth is that’s pretty well how everyone feels when waiting for someone else to take your photo right?!
    love the colour. well done you. i have cut out a thing or two lately. maybe i’ll sew them up? ah maybe. my life seems to be one long list of maybes these days!
    and i didnt even notice the garden til you mentioned it. being a gardenless person i just see green and glaze over in envy, whether they are weeds or herbs or whatever!

  2. A red skirt is such a good idea, and that one is particularly impressive. The scarf shawl is a lovely touch too. Love the photo essay 🙂

  3. I think the red skirt looks ace and so cheerful for a cold day. I am actually quite impressed with Ottobre patterns, there’s a simplicity about them, evne when they’re fancy. I love that you have different exasperated faces depending on your photographer.

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