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I’ve been really getting into the sewing blogs lately, trying to motivate myself to make more things. It’s sort of working. Here are a couple of blog posts I found around the place that I thought might interest you’all. Definitely worth clicking through to read the rest.

Is sewing really cheaper?

I get asked this question quite often. Or, more frequently, I get told by people that don’t sew that sewing is not cheaper than buying new clothes. My answer to this is usually, “It is for me”. This is for numerous reasons…

You may be able to get a dress cheaper than I can make a dress, but it doesn’t mean that you can get a dress comparable to one I’ve made…I don’t shop at cheap chain stores because I have ethical issues with them but sometimes I buy chain store clothes from the op shop. Quite often these clothes have rarely been worn and some still have their tags attached. I’m pretty careful with my clothes and handwash a lot but I’ve found the quality of most chain store clothes is pretty terrible. I have things that I sewed about four years ago that are still in good condition and that I still wear. Most chain store clothes I buy from the op shop start looking shoddy after a couple of washes (yes, I know they’re already second hand when I buy them, but still).

I find all of the points listed to apply to me, adding in fit and sizing. As I get inevitably larger, it’s harder and harder to find anything for me in shops, at all. Let alone anything that I like, that suits my sense of style, that is affordable and of an acceptable quality. I’m trying to bear this in mind as I attempt to make more clothes – sure, the stuff I make isn’t perfect, and that can be discouraging. But it’s much better made than the things I could buy RTW, besides being better fabric and more ‘me’. Generally, anyway.

Heterormativity in fashion blogs

The assumption is made, both in the blogosphere and in any other aspect of life, that an individual is heterosexual and cisgendered until they say otherwise. And to identify as anything other than utterly normative in terms of gender and sexuality requires this whole process of interpellation and subjectification that is kinda ridiculous. I never have to announce myself as a straight person. But because fashion blogging is often intertwined with lifestyle, mentioning ‘me and my boyfriend went opshopping today’ is totally innocuous. But if a female blogger mentions she and her girlfriend, it’s suddenly perceived as political, or making a statement…Studies have repeatedly shown (and I can give you sources, if you want) that members of the LGBT community read blogs and participate actively in the internet at a significantly higher level than straight-identifying individuals, so why is the LGBT presence in fashion blogging so weak? And why are there so many engrained conventions that prioritise heterosexual long-term cohabitation as the holy grail of all relationships in the grand hierarchy of what is legitimate and what isn’t?

I think I should mention here that I identify as queer, since I outed myself in the comments on that post. Is this awkward? PROBABLY!

In other news, yesterday I found some sewing patterns in my size in an op shop. This doesn’t happen so often, so I bought them. The lady serving me was trying to make small talk, and asked me ‘so, what are you going to make with THESE?’ I… am not sure she really understands the concept of a ‘pattern’. Probably a dress. Similar to the one pictured on the front of the packet, I’d hope. I didn’t say that, though, I said ‘A mess, probably’.


6 thoughts on “Blog finds

  1. “..Is this awkward? PROBABLY!..” You crack me up Kate, & good on you for being you in your space, if someone is awkward that is their problem.

    I find sewing much more expensive then clothes buying, but just because to finish things off I always need to take items with me to my Mum to help with zips or something so you know, there is a plane ticket involved..

    I’m off to look at your links.

  2. Awkward? Pfft. Doesn’t make an iota of difference to me, and i think i kind of knew anyway.

    See you at craft camp soon where we will make clothes that fit (mostly) and suit (hopefully) and laugh uproarously and eat way too much and discuss The Big Ishews (definitely).

  3. Yeah I have a live in boyfriend who bloody well should be able to take decent photos of me but basically can’t because I’m not a building. I bought a camera remote but somehow it just seems to be more effort than crap ones I take of myself in the mirror so they just have to do. Your skirt pics are great. I find most fashion blogs alienating.

  4. I have a boyfriend with a photography degree, the only one of his photos ever to appear on my blog is of a tomato (and the derelict building we lived next door to in the background). Am I doin’ it rong? Note to self: tell Bloke to be more whimsical.

    (thank you for link to awesome, thoughtful blog)

  5. I didn’t know cameras could have remotes. I don’t feel I have really ‘nailed’ my ‘style’ because of lack of options to try on- I know what I don’t like wearing and have a couple of items I feel really ‘me’ in, but am conscious about not really pinning it down.
    Hope you went ok with that awkwardness! I agree with Suse- pfft.
    I am not on blogs enough (and don’t really read fashion blogs…I don’t think)- but I am not really up on a lot of things!
    I have really only just encountered the term “mummy blogger” and it kind of makes me pull a face and though I have lemon in my mouth…don’t know why it makes my skin crawl so much.
    In one of those bits I read that people ‘parade’ their life as though it’s perfect, or flaunt it, or something, and I am sure some people do, BUT I also think that others write about their lives honestly, not intending to flaunt it but if someone is feeling vulnerable they could recieve it as ‘you think you are so bloody perfect’…do you know what I mean? I think it might be about why you blog (for readership) or to stay sane and connect with others.
    Theres some of my thoughts!

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