Craft Camp

I took very few photos this craft camp. Janet articulated something I’ve felt for a while – that all the sewjourn photos have been taken. I feel that way about blogging it, too. How many times can I tell you that it’s wonderful, food for the soul, like bathing in ambrosia. See, now I sound hyperbolic, but I haven’t even come close to being able to capture how incredibly lucky I feel to be able to spend time with such lovely people, in such wonderful surrounds, doing such marvelous things.

It was good.

Because my inclusion was a little last minute – I’d opted out because it seems a bit silly to fly in for a regular length weekend – I came in a bit earlier and later, to defray the cost of flights by not flying on a weekend. I flew in on Thursday evening, and Janet was kind enough to put me up for the night. It was a nice callback to my very first craft camp, when I did exactly that. Except that this time I had met Janet, and she had met me, and we weren’t just strangers from the internet. Much more comforting. On Friday, Gill very kindly picked up me and Janet, and we all drove down to Sewjourn.

These are all of the photos I took

A face, for an absent friend.

I started the weekend with another ottobre skirt, in some drill from Spotlight. This line of drill/cotton is really hitting it out of the park. I will continue to loathe Spotlight, but at least they can do one thing right. I was in there tonight and there are some really nice, mostly cotton, ponte and jersey knits. I didn’t buy any because I got The Rage and had to leave, but not before I snapped a photo of the pear version of this drill, which is also fantastic:

Anyway. I made the ottobre skirt, with lining that I’d bought in the Lancefield opshop on Friday. I had a decent little haul in there. Nothing fancy, but some lining stuff and a few patterns.

I lined it because I always wear wither tights or bike shorts, and obviously skirts stick to either. Modesty is not a problem but then I do flash lacy shorts at people, which is not exactly the look I’m going for most days. I made my usual adjustments to the skirt – no seam allowance for this one because I just serged it (on Sue’s overlocker. I owe her lots of overlocker thread/karma) and three centimetres to the edge, because I traced the pattern a bit too small and can’t be arsed fixing it.

However, like the last two times I’ve made this pattern, it somehow came out to big. WAY too big. I’ve already knocked a centimetre of each side and this weekend I’ll probably take it back down again because it’s still big enough that it slips around. I could have just traced the pattern as is, no allowances at all. Yet the old ones I’ve made are still the right size. So what gives?

I wouldn’t wear it with this top, it’s just what I had on.

I also fixed the bodice of a red polka dot dress I’d made last summer and adjusted so many times that it was too tight and too poorly sewn. I just chopped the bodice apart and used it as a pattern. I’d show you photos of it but I just sewed up the bodice as a muslin and the rest isn’t done. I was going to try to finish it off on the day I got home, but I came down with a terrible headache and spent most of the day lolling about, and there has just been no time since to commune with my sewing machine. I also sewed a black work dress from an Ottobre pattern, but it is as yet unhemmed. Again, I meant to do that when I got home, but…

So those two will have to get their own FO posts. I am determined to at least have them done by next craft camp!

That was the sum total of my crafting achievements – one skirt, and two half dresses. Plus a whole lot of eating, laughing and talking, a bath a nap and generally relaxing. I’m a bit spoiled by having long weekends there – I felt like I was only just getting into the swing of it and then it was time to go.

I have no idea what was so transfixing here. Something on the iPad.

Under the table scraps. The big pile is Jenny’s.

And a hasty, wonky photo of the view. I don’t really need a photo. At the risk of being too cheesy and over the top, this place is stored crystal clear, in my heart. Along with all the people I am lucky enough to experience it with.

It really was over too quick. Luckily, I had some holiday left so I didn’t feel too bereft. I went and stayed with my cousin who lives in Melbourne now. It was lovely to be able to catch up with her, and I also spent the Monday traipsing around in unexpectedly warm sunlight and getting sunburn (hence, I think, the headache on my return) and fabric shopping.

It really was a lovely holiday. Thanks to Suse and Janet for herding us cats, yet again.


3 thoughts on “Craft Camp

  1. Hmm I was thinking about blogging craft camp today and was also thinking a) all the photos have been taken and b) how many times can I say how wonderful it was! Maybe I’ll just stick with photos, Lovely to see you again. I miss craft camp (and QLD) already.

  2. The skirt is great – kudos for battling The Rage to hunt out that fantastic print! Both the lemons and pears are glorious, it’s a damn shame I’m running down the stash at present.

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