The rest of Melbourne, and my fabric haul

As I mentioned, after Craft Camp was over I had another day and a bit in Melbourne. Gill was lovely enough to drive me to my cousin’s house in South Yarra – and it sounds strange to say that I really enjoyed the drive, but I did. A last little bit of Craft Camp, we nattered the whole way. It was such a lovely day, too. Sun was out, and so were all the people: parks were filled with pasty white legs in search of some vitamin D.

It was really lovely to spend some time with my cousin, too. I’m fairly close to all my cousins, but Z and I were the only ones who grew up in the Adelaide region, so we saw quite a bit of each other, and we’re fairly close in age. Of all the cousins I’d say she’s the one who knows the most of my own story, if that’s not being too grand – although we’re a weird private lot, our family. Lots going on under the surface, I think. But, for instance, she’s one of the few cousins I can talk frankly about my mother to. Anyhow, she and her husband spent a year or so overseas, and then settled in Melbourne, so I haven’t seen a lot of her the past few years. It was nice to reconnect a bit.

On the Monday, though, I went fabric shopping. I gave myself a budget, and a list. I wanted some knits. Ssome specifically for tiramisu, and some to make some tops etc. I have a pretty casual office, and I don’t really wear tailored shirts and the like, pretty much ever. But I am trying to lift my game a bit in the ‘outfit’ category, rather than just wearing clothes. So I want to make some comfy jersey tops that aren’t too boring. I was having a lot of trouble finding nice knits, although I discovered after I got back that Spotlight is doing pretty well on that at the moment – some nice ponte in plain colours and stripes, and some spotty cotton jersey. Might have to do a knits run before they hide it all again (they’re bound to. Have I mentioned my constant Spotlight Rage?) I also wanted to get some basic fabrics for skirts. I have given up on pants so I need some more boring skirts that go with everything and again, I was having trouble finding plain fabric in decent fibres.

The number 8 tram goes straight past my cousin’s house, and then up past Rathdown Remnants. How convenient. I got a couple of jersey remnants (top right, teal and black) some black wool and some stretch demin, for skirts (on the left).

Nope, no colour theme going on here. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I seriously only just noticed this in the photo. Well, at least I’m consistent.

Then I headed to the Fabric Store where I got some Marc Jacobs double knit, which is GLORIOUS and I wish that I’d gotten twice the amount so I could make something with both sides. I also wish that I’d written down the fabric content – I think it’s a wool/cotton blend. I could probably call and ask.

Mmmmmmmmmmm. It’s lovely and thick and soft.

I also got wool jersey remnants, grey and black, at the bottom there, and some stripey silk/cotton which I have no plan for but couldn’t resist. It’s the only thing I bought with no plan, I think I did pretty well. (Note to self, this bled quite a bit when washed, make sure to wash it separately in future.) You can see it a bit on the bottom right here:

Front and centre is some jersey from the Allanah Hill outlet next door. I wanted something stripey for tiramisu, but it’s a bit flimsy and was cheap (I think $6 a metre, but might have been $5) so I bought twice as much to double it over. But now I’m not sure I like it. It’s my colours, but slightly lighter than I’d usually go for a whole dress. I feel like it might read a bit pastelly? Which I’m not a fan of, on me, in large swathes. And the marl is a bit… muddy. Or something. In retrospect I should have left it and gone back to the Fabric Store and just bought some of the plain coloured jersey  that was hard resist. I definitely liked it in there. AND they were friendly, AND knew what they were talking about. Fabric store heaven.

I might make something else out of it – maybe a maxi skirt? – and go get some spotters ponti for Tiramisu, instead. But not until S is down so I can get him to drive me to the Spotlight near me (but not on any bus routes, thanks Adelaide Metro!) because that one generally doesn’t make me want to die, after setting everything else on fire. Unlike the one in town, which I Rage Quit this week, leaving a pile of discarded notions in the middle of the scrapbooking aisle, like a small offering to a vengeful god. I STILL don’t know where they’ve moved their g#Y*(#@ zips to, and I couldn’t find anyone to ask apart from one girl who didn’t know, and also didn’t know where the interfacing was or, in fact, what interfacing IS.


Here is my little Lancefield opshop haul:

Some patterns, some mesh fabric that I’m idly thinking about sewing produce bags from, some ribbing and some plum coloured wool felt. Plus the lining fabric you saw when I showed you the yellow skirt, which is maybe not actually lining – it’s a herringbone sort of pattern – but is a weird apricotty yellow, and is slippery, so it can be lining. I’ve got enough to line another skirt, at least.


7 thoughts on “The rest of Melbourne, and my fabric haul

  1. OOoooooh it’s all so pretty! I love the fabric store… Haven’t been for a while, but YUM they have some good stuff. 🙂 Can you have stripes below and a solid on top or something like that?

    My gray striped Tira is a rather lightweight jersey… Not quite see through, but light and it works fine. …

    1. I thought about that. But then I’d have to match the colours and I’m not sure how that would go. I’m debating just making it up as a ‘muslin’ and it might be fine – it’s not like tissue jersey, but it doesn’t have much recovery so I’m just concerned it’d stretch. But I might need practice matching stripes. And who knows, I might love it! I loved it in the store.

  2. Everyone hates Spotlight. Every time I go there Mr T says, “Didn’t you tell me you were never fucking stepping foot in that fucking place again?” and I answer yes. But there is no other choice. And some buyer somewhere IS making an effort, I agree. Or is younger than 60 and knows what The Internet is.

    1. Maybe all my cranky emails are making a difference? I do love a good cranky email – although the other day I sent them a NICE email to say that this one store was actually quite good and I could find what I wanted because things were on shelves, not piled in the middle of the floor. I keep saying I’ll only go to that one store, but then I think ‘oh I’ll just nip in to the one in town to get a zip, while I’m here’. SLOW LEARNER, that’s me.

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