Plain ol’

Here is the black skirt that I made. It’s the skirt part of a dress pattern from Ottobre Women 5/2011.  There’re three dresses in there that are variations of the same pattern. I made one at craft camp but haven’t gotten around to photographing it, but I wore the skirt today so I asked my boyfriend to take a few photos, since he was around. It’s totally boring, but I’m trying to record what I made so that I remember things, and also so I feel like I actually do stuff.

Please excuse squintiness – it was bright – and the general garden malaise.  I’m in the process of sorting it out from winter neglect, and there’s s*&t everywhere, frankly. Not that there isn’t always, but it’s even more terrible than usual.

It is so, so comfy. I wish I could remember buying the fabric, but it’s some kind of stretch cotton, almost certainly from spotters. I lined it with a stretch satin from goodness knows when/where. I had juuust enough. I just cut out the skirt portion of the pattern with no seam allowances, whizzed it together on the overlocker, overlocked the top of the skirt and the lining together, hemmed it and top stitched the waist. I didn’t bother adding a vent or slit, because it’s stretchy. I was worried that was a mistake but it’s fine. I’m planning another couple of quick skirts in non-stretch wovens, and I’ll certainly draft a vent in that case.

Butt view. I don’t know if you can see – maybe if you peer even closer at my butt – but there’s crinkliness happening at the waist. I won’t bother with this one but another time I’ll do a mini sway back alteration, aka chop off a curve from the back.

Bonus chicken photo, avec rubbish. Because.

3 thoughts on “Plain ol’

  1. Skirt turned out very stylish, particularly with the hot pink cardigan. Love the whole look.

    Love the chickens too. I want chickens. (I have a chicken sandwich in my bag for later today. Prolly doesn’t quite count though).

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