On the weekend

I made some things.

I saw the idea for a fabric sensory play box here. My bff’s kid is really into everything but still not mobile, so he’s easily frustrated. Plus, like any kid and also Eeyore, he likes trashing things taking things out of things and putting them back in.

I bought a cheapo gift box (this was the only one without flowers) and cut a hole in the top with a stanley knife, on my self-healing mat. I was going to stick the lid on with double-sided tape but it didn’t work very well so I used some electric tape I had lying around, which worked excellently. Then I went through my scraps and stash and cut out reasonable sizes of fabric. I tried for a range of colours but obviously, since they were scraps, they’re stuff I tend to buy. Lots of different textures, though, from satin to velvet to drill to flannel.

Almost all of this is scraps and leftovers. A couple of the whispy things are deep stash that I cut a corner off of. I tried to keep them about the same size, but wasn’t too fussy. I cut most of them with a rotary cutter because it’s easier, and then I edged them with a rolled hem, on my overlocker. I would have pinked them if I had pinking shears, but I was working with what I had.

And then I unceremoniously shoved them in there. Took me about an hour, all up, I think. It would be quicker with pinking shears.

And it’s a hit!

I also made this cake from Posy Gets Cosy, because Bek said the icing was great, and I wanted to try it.

I didn’t double layer it because I was too impatient to get it out of the pan and one of the layers crumbled. So I stuck it back together and that one’s mine, and I took this one to my friend’s house while I hijacked her baby and took him to the park for a couple hours so she could have a break.

It is as delicious as advertised. Not too sickly sweet, and a lovely texture, both cake and icing. Yum!


4 thoughts on “On the weekend

  1. Love the sensory fabric box! I have seen these before and I can just imagine how awesome it would be for a baby. Also, my aunt’s dachsund would love this. She will completely empty a tissue box if you don’t keep an eye on her, lol!

    1. I’m trying to imagine a dachshund sensory box… although maybe that shouldn’t be encouraged! 😛

      Apparently he loves it even more now he’s a bit older and has a longer attention span to properly explore things. It’s also really great for the ‘do you like my hat’ game!

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