So, on Craft Camp I made a Tiramisu dress.

Technically it was/is a muslin. I bought the fabric from the Alannah Hill outlet in Melbourne, but then I wasn’t sure I liked it because it’s sort of a bit muddy. But in the process of making this dress, and taken as a whole in a garment rather than as a fabric, I have come around to the colour. But come to hate the actual fabric, which is pretty thin and doesn’t have much recovery, which made the making process a bit fraught.

I cut a straight side 40D, with no adjustments at all. But then when I went to make it, the midriff section was huge. I don’t know if this was a cutting error or not, I was doing some funky mistakes with the cutting all weekend. Anyway I basically just hacked it back to an approximate size. Then when I went to cut the skirt, I tried to adjust that. I should have just cut it as was and gathered it more. Instead I cut it a bit smaller and it ended up basically the same size as the midriff, which is fine but I do get these kinda saddlebag things where the sideseams are, since it lays flat everywhere else but the bias is different at the edges (I think that’s why). It’s not noticeable to anyone who’s not me, I think.

You can see what I mean in the side view, though, how it folds in.

When I got home I tried to reset the bodice seam, since it was lying all ripply and puckering. Again you can’t see it so much in these photos because I’m reaching up with the camera, but with my arms flat it was more noticeable. However, the thinness and lack of recovery in the fabric meant it started to stretch out, and I basically just made it worse. I ended up just sewing it back up again and it’s wearable but also looks like a Frankenstien’s Monster scar.

(Sorry for the nipples)

The resetting also meant I lost a bit of coverage in the front. I don’t mind the cleavage as such, although I prefer the amount of coverage I got before I mucked with it, but it does show my bra a bit. It really is a wearable muslin – I’ll wear it around the house, which is fine cos it’s super comfortable and I could do with a ;chuck it on and don’t worry about it’ dress for hot days. But it won’t be leaving the house. It’s not hemmed or top stitched now (I ran out of the right thread, from all the ripping) and I probably won’t bother.

I will definitely be making it again, in a more stable fabric. I apologise for calling it a Bastard Dress. Turns out, it was a Bastard Fabric.

I also inherited a Tira from Sue, who made a lovely one from a ponti knit, but which didn’t fit her. She did a FBA and probably didn’t need to.

I was debating resetting the bodice seam, and had decided not to, but this photo is making me rethink that:

Side boob pooch. Do I care enough? Probably not. It passes the modesty test, either way:


I am also considering doing a teeny FBA in my next version, since the D is pretty good but I suspect some of the pulling and bagging in my muslin (before I stretched it) is from the shape being just slightly off without it. I’m a DDD or an E depending on the bra, so it seems likely to be appropriate. It’s hard to tell with the difference in fabrics, though, so we’ll see how I feel when I get to that, I guess!

I highly recommend this pattern, despite the swearing I did while making it, mostly due to user error and fabric choice. It’s well written, does a lot of the adjustment thinking for you, and the finished dress is flattering and so, so comfortable. I can’t wait to get my grubby paws on the Pavlova pattern, either!


5 thoughts on “Tiramisu

  1. Angry face!

    Seriously though, they’re both great dresses and the flaws that you see aren’t noticeable to anyone else. Also, your cleavage rocks, if that doesn’t sound too weird. Ok yes it does sound weird.

    1. Well, it does though ;P I can’t get too caught up about whether or not I’m showing cleavage because I basically show it in a turtleneck so… whatever. I have boobs. I’ll enjoy the upsides, thanks, along with the downsides.

      I must wear Sue’s Tira to work this week – it’s been in the ‘to photograph’ pile so I haven’t yet but I should give it a test run.

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