Unblogged roundup

In preparing to reblog my latest FO I realised I’d left some knits unblogged. So this is a catchup post. I’ll list them from quickest knit to longest knit!

A very regal crown

I knit this at the June craft camp, for Princess Eleanor, to go with her stay in the Princess room. Many thanks to Jenny for the yarn and Caroline for the buttons.  It obviously knit up very quickly, and I think I might have to whip up a few for dressups for some small people I know.

I used 8ply instead of the 10ply the pattern called for, because that was what was to hand. I knit the largest size and it fits an adult head comfortably. Here it is on my bed head (I should note that I also have a large head, generally average sized hats are too small for me).

Tentacle scarf

I look like a mad scientist!

I knit this for a far-away friend, because she posted something similar and I thought ‘I could knit that’. The original was crochet, but it’s not like this was difficult. I did write pattern notes but I’m not sure where they are, I’ll try to find them. I basically increased until it looked right, knit until I could wrap it around my neck long enough, and then decreased at the same rate. Then I worked the light green bits at the same increase rate, crocheted suckers on, and sewed it on.

Not the neatest sewing job – the darker yarn was a lot softer and the lighter a lot denser, so it was hard to match them. But it works. It actually got me out of a bit of a knitting slump, induced by spilling ink on the border of that sun blanket. So that was good! Then it sat for ages while I worked my way up to crocheting the suckers on. That took me FOREVER and I bitched about it a whole lot at craft camp. Sorry, everybody!

Colour Affection

I knit this for my best friend’s 30th. Which was in February. I didn’t cast it on until April. Whoops! The delay was because I was knitting the sun blanket for her, and then I had to wait till the yarn got here. The yarn is Malabrigo Sock, in Natural, Impressionist Sky and Cote D’Azure.

I had to rip back the start because the ends were too tight. I substituted a kfb for the suggested m1, which is what a lot of people’s Ravelry notes suggest (note to self, read the ravelry notes BEFORE casting on). But it’s still a bit tight. Another time I would do a yarn over and then twist it on the way back, I think. I couldn’t block it as heavily as I would have liked, because of the tightness, so the very beginning has a bit of a dome, which you can sort of see on my right shoulder, below.

I also pulled the yarn a bit tight as I was running it up the side of the short row section, so that bit is a bit tight. Oh, well. This took a while (four months of pretty consistent bus knitting) due to the volume of knitting, but it felt pretty fast.  Once it’s set up it’s excellent bus knitting, because the stripes mean you don’t have to count to know where you’re up to.

I really really love the pattern, but I’m a bit cross with the FO. Partly because of the tightness, and partly because the Cote D’Azure is not only a slightly different tone (it’s more purple than I thought it would be when I bought it) but it also ran when I blocked it, and stained some of the upper, white part. I wasn’t that upset because the white was also whiter than I had expected, so that toned it down a bit, but there were some splodges that I couldn’t get rid of.

It was still received with delight and the last time I saw it it showed signs of constant wear – it’s holding up well, however. Absolutely the best reception for that kind of gift.


3 thoughts on “Unblogged roundup

  1. I so love that colour affection.

    Did you know i have only JUST realised your blog name,can be read not only as crafTASrophies which is how i say it in my head, but as,Craft As Trophies. Which is pretty cute.

    God i’m slow.

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