I just got my little ‘year in review’ email from WordPress. According to them, I made nine new posts in 2013. What a miserable number.

I don’t feel any burning need to blog, I have lots of other places on the internet where I write and talk to friends and share opinions. Tumblr, facebook, a google group of friends. That’s enough. TOO much, to be honest. I did almost none of it over this christmas break, I only sat down in front of a computer about twice. Oh, it was glorious.

But I do miss the days when we all chatted away on our blogs – this particular group of people. You know who you are. Over the break I have also been sewing and doing some very lazy gardening and thinking about blogging it. Perhaps I should lower my standards – the big barrier for me is photos. I don’t like a post without photos but flickr makes it harder and harder to use it as an actual photo sharing platform, and every time I think about blogging I take photos and then they languish on my camera until the moment has passed. In fact, I haven’t taken out my big camera in months, since I got an iPhone. So maybe I should be content with dark, in mirror selfies of FOs. Surely it’s better than not posting?I also miss having it as a record – one of the times I sat in front of the computer was to look up what adjustments I did on a sewing pattern.

I made no resolutions this year (well except that this morning I resolved to be better at eating breakfast. I loathe breakfast) and I make no promises for this blog. No good intentions to be disappointed about. But it would be nice to have more than nine posts this year.


2 thoughts on “2014

  1. I hate new flickr so much. It is pox. I miss blog chat too. And comments, I miss comments. And hearing stuff from my friends, like you.

    1. New flickr is TERRIBLE. I don’t understand how they ruined it so fast.

      Last year I was trying to make a point of commenting on things, even if I didn’t have anything to add, just to say ‘I saw this and I like it and hello’. But I think that is a habit, too, as well as things like reading blogs in a timely manner so commenting feels relevant. Although I know I don’t ever mind getting a comment on a months old post so maybe I should ignore that. Either way, I still want to try to make a point of it, this year. I noticed that about 30 people have viewed this post, for instance, and yours is the only comment. Not to say they all should have commented, but I wonder what they thought about it? I guess I’ll never know 😛

      It seems like a few people who haven’t blogged much in a while are trying to shake off and get back into it a bit. Wouldn’t that be nice? Just doing it instead of wondering what it’s FOR?

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