When last we left the solstice dress, it was… not good.

Now it’s…. fine. I guess.

Long story short, I did end up ripping out and moving the darts. But it turns out the problem was not the position of the darts as much as the depth.

Saggy as, bro.

At that point I was pretty done with the dress so I just sewed the zip in with a massive seam allowance, put the bias binding round the neck, turned the hem up and sewed it, and called it a day. At least now I know why it wasn’t fitting, so I am not so despairing about a pattern I had fitted to myself suddenly going rogue.


It is quite possibly the most poorly executed thing I’ve ever sewn.

I solved the baggy bodice problem by going and buying some more sparkly fabric, and wearing it as a belt.

Which worked fine, to a point.

And you know what? It sure was sparkley. And solstice dinner, it was great. We decorated the house with fairy lights and candles, and there was excellent food and even better company, and now I am going to put this dress away in a bag or possibly throw it in the bin. The end.


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