Bluegingerdoll Hack

Hack – “hak” – verb
1. cut with rough or heavy blows. “I watched them hack the branches” synonyms: cut, chop, hew, lop, saw; slash


Yeah, this one isn’t an elegant mashup of patterns. It’s more slashing and hewing.

This started its life as another Bonnie. I was sewing my flannel M6696 and I thought that, since I couldn’t wear a long sleeved jumper over those sleeve cuffs, I may as well go ahead and make another Bonnie, with 3/4 sleeves. I wear my first one so much that this seemed like a clear winner. I even had more of the same fabric that I made my first one with!

Or so I thought. Actually it turns out I’d bought two different kinds of fleecy knit, when shopping at the Fabric Store on a trip earlier this year. I’d intended to buy a fleece and a thinner merino knit, but must have picked up the wrong roll. I’d assumed the fleeces were the same. NOPE. The second one was thicker, with less stretch and less recovery.


I didn’t notice this until I got to the sleeves. I’d cut the bodice out of the original knit, using up the last scraps. So when I cut the sleeves and bands out of the new one… it immediately became clear that they weren’t the same fabric, and any garment made from the two of them together would be a disaster.

Instead I cut the whole top again, out of the new fabric. As soon as I tried it on I knew I’d miscalcuated. The lack of stretch meant what was a flattering negative ease in the other fabric was tight and bunchy in this. Add into that trying to get sticky fleece over sticky flannel… well, it wasn’t going to work.


It was too tight to work as an over-things top. So I decided I’d add on the violet skirt, like I had to the moneta bodice before. I don’t seem to have taken any in-progress photos, so you’ll have to use your imagination. First, I cut the bottom band in half and sewed the skirt to that. Unfortunately, because the bonnie top is looser at the waist than the moneta, this resulted in a back that was super baggy and awful looking.

This is the IMPROVED version

I tried taking it in and up various ways and then ended up just hacking the band off and attaching the skirt to the now even shorter bodice.


Even so, I still had to take both the skirt and the bodice in a couple of times, and scoop out the back. Doing this in the middle instead of at the start pulled the fabric out and puckered it. It eventually went back with a good steam, but the end result is a skirt that is about 1″ off at the side seams. I think as a result of this, it pulls to the left as soon as I move, twisting around. And it’s short. At least 1″ shorter than I’m comfortable with.



Not only that, it ends up pulling up at the centre front. I could pretend it’s a trendy hi-lo front, I guess. But the reality is, I think this one might be a big fat lose. I wore it to work last week to see, and I just felt awkward and uncomfortable all day. Objectively it’s not completely terrible, and I could wear it with tights. But unfortunately I think I’m just always going to feel weird when wearing this one.

I wish I’d given up on this one sooner, because I knew early in it was going to fight me and tbh, in the time I spent wrestling with it I could have sewn half another shirtdress. At least it didn’t become another WIP hanging over my head, I suppose. I guess you can’t save ’em all.


4 thoughts on “Bluegingerdoll Hack

  1. To be honest, I think this overall is flattering. I know what you mean though about feeling uncomfortable if something is just a smidgen shorter than you are used to – I’m really sensitive to that. You make a good point about fighting something, too. I’ve made a few dresses like that that were just not worth the effort I went through to rescue them. I guess we learn from every project and hopefully don’t repeat the mistakes!

    1. I wore this again the other day and decided that actually, I quite like it. BUT I don’t feel comfortable in it. So I won’t wear it. Into the donate pile it goes, and I hope someone finds it who loves it. I did learn things though so I hope it will be the kind of lesson that sticks right away! Not the kind you have to learn over and over…

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