Two quick tees

After I made my moneta, I had a fair bit of fabric left over. Just the perfect amount, it turns out, for a Kirsten Kimono Tee.

Not much to say about this one, I mean it’s a two piece pattern in a fabric I’ve used before. Cut the same size, did the same finishes. I tried to pattern match at the side seams and was mostly successful.

Due to the fabric distorting on pre-washing, the front stripes are a bit wonky again, like my Moneta version, but only mildly. Again, it’s much less obvious in person. Again, as you can see, I cut against the stretch.

Sleeves and hem are zigzagged, and I took 1″ off the length, and a 1″ hem. It’s still pretty long – long enough to get caught up on my butt! As you can see. Neck is finished with the same binding method. I’m a bit in love with it (can you tell?). I used the walking foot for this project as well.

After I was done, I went back to sewing my dang curtains. But I kept thinking about how I knew I had offcuts from my Tennessee dress. So in between wrestling with metres and metres of fabric, I dug it out. I thought I had enough for another Moneta, and I probably would have if I’d cut carefully. But instead, after I cut out the bodice, I realised that no matter what I did I didn’t have enough length for a skirt. A too-short skirt is something I know will prevent me from wearing a make, so instead I made another tee.

Because I’d already cut into the fabric, I had to do some fast work to make it work. I needed a backseam, and I took the opportunity to take some fabric out for my swayback, although it’s less of an issue in a drapey knit.

I also had to shorten it significantly – a couple of inches at least. It’s closer to normal tee length on me now. The neckband was done with a 3″ band, and I love how chunky it is. I’m considering going back and doing the sleeves with a thick band, too. I forgot to put the walking foot back on my machine so the sleeve hems are a bit rippley but that’s ok.

Can’t beat the quick thrill of a tee! Plus, the fit is lovely and the fabric cool and soft to wear. I don’t want to take them off! I have had to, because it’s actually cold today (that is to say, the high was something like 26). I’m sure I have some more small ends of knit fabric in my stash. I really should get back to those curtains, but then again, stash busting is good, right? [adjusts halo]


10 thoughts on “Two quick tees

    1. Thanks! You know I like a good blue. I was wearing a grey shirt the other day and ended up changing into these because I was tired and the grey one made me look like death! The blue ones revived me a bit though 😛

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