Hello lovelies! This here is my second and last finished item from Craft Camp. I also rehemmed my navy 6055, and sewed about half of another dress which is still languishing un-finished. It’s also my second attempt at naming things. How am I doing? It feels very strange.

This is another Butterick 6102b6102_env_front.B6102

Last time I sewed view B, but with the pleats un-picked. Actually I took a couple more quick photos of that one for you because my last photoshoot was windy and you couldn’t really see the skirt very well. Here ’tis:


I did not pattern match on this at all but I love the way the fronts are flipped mirror images of each other – this continues into the centre of the pleat where they meet in a lovely way.

I love this one with the pleats un-picked because for this fabric I wanted a very fluffy skirt, but I do think it would be wonderful with them sewn down as directed.


It’s one of my favourite things to wear and I get a lot of compliments on it. I thought this time I’d try view D – views A and C are scandalously short, even on short-legged me. Be warned!

The fabric is a black sateen from Spotlight that I’ve had in my stash for ages. I’d used it to make a dress out of so I knew it had flaws – it wrinkles a lot and it attracts lint like WOAH. I eventually gave away that dress at least partially because of the lint issue – I live with a light coloured cat, so lint is an issue that’s not going to be solved any time soon! Anyway, I wasn’t sure I’d like this view of the skirt and I had this in the stash so I figured if it only worked as a muslin that would be fine.

I was also a bit sceptical about the straight waistband. Generally, straight waistbands and I are not friends. But this one seems to be ok – I think the top of the skirt is shaped enough, and the band itself is thin enough, that it’s working. I didn’t adjust for my swayback and you can see the skirt droops slightly at the back, because it sits lower in my sacrum than it does on my stomach. Hypothetically this would be easy to fix another time, but I don’t know that it bothers me so much.

Trying to pose like the pattern image. Haven’t got the right smug facial expression though…

I made a straight size 22, and it’s a teeny tiny bit tight at the stomach. If I made this again I might take just the front pleats perhaps 1/2cm less, and extend the waistband. That said, at least it means the waistband sits where I put it – it’s not obviously or uncomfortably tight, but for a work skirt that I sit in all day it’s mildly suboptimal.

The back is a lapped zipper again, and it turned out ok! Very exciting for me, I am so bad at them. Although I see here that the zipper stop is visible, so I should go back and fix that. I took a 3″ hem, just folded up and sewn with a straight stitch, although it is a great candidate for a blind hem. I also sewed a hook and eye into the waistband.

Here I had sat down for five seconds, and you can see how it’s wrinkled, and it’s also picked up every piece of dust in the vicinity.

I lined it by sewing the pleats, and then laying the assembled front and back pieces over lining fabric and cutting around them. Worked great! I find with the green version that the centre pleat, being a heavy pleat with lining under it, gets caught between my legs as I walk sometimes. This is assisted by the fact that I have terrible posture and lean forward – it happens with my Bon Voyage dress too, and standing up properly ameliorates it. But I figured a straight lining rather than an underlining would work better. I also graded the waist seam very aggressively. The only thing I don’t like about my green version is the waist seam at the CF where the pleat is is VERY bulky. I do think about going back to grade it but it would be annoying to get to so I haven’t as yet.

The pleating in this is really clever and elegant. It’s a bit hard to see in stills but when it’s in motion, the pleats open up just at the right spot and the torso looks slim and the skirt flares out beautifully. I love it a lot. I didn’t actually do a super great job of sewing the pleats to the same length, though, oops. Also the front ones started to come unravelled, so note to self, if I make this again, sew the pleat section a couple of times to give it strength, and maybe even a bar tack? It was simple enough to tie them off manually but I worry it will break under pressure later.

DSC_0366 (2)
Close up of wonky pleats

I love the length of this, although I am inclined to wear taller heels to mitigate potential frumpiness. Although lbr, I am just going to wear it with whatever because sometimes (often) I cannot be bothered with heels. I also found out that now I am wearing longer skirts, I have solved one of my enduring problems: how to have warm legs in winter. I hate feeling constricted around my stomach so I very rarely feel able to cope with stockings, especially as even the plus size ones are not made for people with stomachs (looking at YOU, We Love Colours. Disappointing.) Last year I wore knee socks all winter but it does look a bit juvenile, especially when your preferred outfit is a shirt dress! I have tried thigh highs and garter belts and all kinds of things and lots of things are ok but just annoying enough to be discouraging. However! With longer skirts, you can just wear knee socks!

In this photo I am mad because I had just realised I forgot to put the dynamic focus on and so all my previous photos had my face out of focus. But this was my second attempt at photographing this dress, so blurry ghost face photos it is!

And THIS cranky look is for the remote battery, which was dying. not such a risque photo as you can see my bike shorts start soon after my socks end. Unless you’re into that sort of thing, I guess? In which case that’s fine but don’t tell me about it, I don’t want to know. Anyway. Knee socks and midi skirts. Problem solvered.

I am really happy with this skirt and it’s already doing its turn in my wardorbe. I’m not sure how long it will last because it IS very lint attracting. But at least I know now that it’s worth making another in a less irritating fabric!


5 thoughts on “School witch skirt

  1. This is a great skirt. The pleats are a really nice detail and this length looks so good on you. I also love that you’re naming your makes–you’re inspiring to be more creative about naming mine!

    1. As you can see I immediately dropped the ball on naming after you said this 😛 Perhaps I’ll get better with practice!

      I am really loving the longer length skirts lately. I’m a bit worried they look frumpy but they are so easy to wear and feel so swooshy and elegant to move in.

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