Hello pets! Long time no see! I wasn’t sure how long it had been so I checked – two months! That was longer than I thought.

It’s winter, which means of course not many daylight hours for photography. I also haven’t been sewing much from a combination of the winter blahs and logistical issues. I’ve been prepping and painting my bedroom – from beige to a beautiful but hard to photograph deep teal. In the meantime all of the stuff from that room is piled into my craft room. My cold, cold craft room. I have actually set up a little corner in the living room and done some sewing lately because I was getting quite twitchy from not sewing anything but I do have to pack it up after this weekend. S has been very patient but I don’t want to make our shared space unpleasant and cluttered. I’m hoping I’ll finish the trim on that room this weekend and perhaps next weekend I can move everything in and get my craft room back!

Anyhow, before all that kicked off, I did sew something. Another Butterick 6285 skirt

I love my other one so much and I wanted to wear it just about every day, so I figured another one was in order. I really needed another black skirt too, so I started to keep an eye out for a suitable fabric. This is 100% poly taffeta from Lincraft, and I originally bought it as a lining but then I decided that I liked it enough to make a whole skirt out of it. I have some poly taffeta from spotlight and it is stiff and basically like a kids party tablecloth, but the lincraft stuff softened up really wonderfully after washing, presses well, doesn’t crease and is a delight to wear. I am so thrilled! Plus it’s only $9/m where spotlights is $15. They have limited colours – only four on the website – but I would absolutely sew with this again. It’s moderately shiny, I wonder if a whole dress of it would be too much to wear to work? Probably.

I don’t have a huge amount to say about this make. I lined it in the same way as last time, with the same fabric. The fabric was super wide, and I got the skirt and lining and pockets out of 4m. Score!

The only downside is that, being 100% artificial fabric, there is no give at all. I made the same size as last time but the waist is tighter than it should be when sitting. If i made this again in this fabric I would give myself an extra cm or two at the waistline. I solved the problem by setting hooks and eyes right at the edge of the waistband, but I think I will go back and add some length just to the waistband. It will still have that gap there above the zip but it will look better. At the moment I always wear it with a longer jumper over it so I’m not too fussed but I would like to be able to wear it as pictured, tucked in, without it looking strange.

I am also considering going back and redoing the hem, which I just quickly machined and it’s quite wibbly, as per usual for me.

I also think, when/if I make this pattern again, I might move the pleats 1″ in to the centre, especially on the back. I think that would make them hang a bit nicer and be more balanced.

This has been in high rotation since I finished it – I wear it at least once a week to work and I wore it for my annual solstice dinner – with my Monet top which worked ok. I’m going to try wearing the top a bit and see how I like it but the sleeves are an odd length so I can’t wear my thicker thermals under it or another top over, so it’s currently still too cold for it right now (if you’re soft like I am. I know it’s not really cold, comparatively, but for lizard people adapted to 35C temps its COLD). But this skirt is a hit and I could probably do one more of this pattern in my wardrobe, if I can find some fabric I like enough.

A big thanks to my partner S for being my tripod for these photos. We went out for brunch and did our democratic duty voting and then found a little park behind a community centre. S held the camera while I did my thing, since I hadn’t brought my tripod and he wasn’t feeling well enough to cope with my fussy photo requirements. I still haven’t gotten the settings right – the dynamic focus mode seems to work ok if I am in exactly the right range but if I’m too close or far I still get blurry ghost face (or blurry ghost back of head!). I need to play with it some more. I edited these photos with Picmonkey (so glad it’s back!) and it was nice to have a bit more control than the dumb photos program that comes with windows gives you. I probably should look into proper software for editing but given that I can’t even be bothered to do a proper hem… #priorities.

Also, a quick note about instagram, which I have linked a couple times here – I have a closed account just because I prefer to have some idea who is seeing my stuff on the internet, so I feel ok posting more personal things than I would on the wider net. Nothing scandalous, mostly just photos of me fitting garments with my stomach out, and endless photos of my cat. I pretty much grant all requests if the person is clearly a crafty person, or just a normal insta user. I only filter out spam accounts etc. If you have a private account and want to follow me maybe send me a message so I know you’re a real person because I do tend to deny those requests. If you’re on insta I’d love to see you there!

Anyway, that’s enough from me, I’ll probably see you again in another two months or so! Stay warm (or cool).



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